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Some huge revisions to the future of Formula 1 were agreed today in Monaco at a World Motor Sport Council meeting, that have the full backing from all of the F1 teams and the sport’s governing body, the FIA.

Probably the biggest of which is that there will be no testing taking place during the season, except for during scheduled practice on race weekends.

Engine life is to be doubled, with each driver getting a maximum of eight engines per season, with four set aside for testing.

The engines will also be limited to 18,000rpm – rather than this season’s 19,000rpm – and engines must last for three races each, as agreed at a previous meeting on November 5th.

Engines will also be sold to independent teams at approximately 50% of that in 2008, and there will be no internal re-tuning during to engines during the season.

Wind tunnel usage has been heavily restricted, and factories will have to be closed for six weeks of the year.

There will also be a reduction in general manpower, with teams sharing information on tyres and fuel, plus other measures that are yet to be announced.

There is also extensive market research being carried out to see if the public are keen on a number of ideas, including Bernie’s medals plan and changes to Saturday qualifying.

You can read a full run down of the WMSC’s decisions via the FIA’s site.

So, what do you think?

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My “point of no return” for no longer watching will be when there are standardized engines. They’d better change the name because it wont be F1 anymore…

Maybe call it FASCAR? Formula Nascar?

I’m wondering if Ferrari will actually stick around after standardized engines. Enzo would be spinning in his grave at the thought of his scarlet cars being powered by a Cosworth powerplant.

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i have to agree the thought of standardizing the engines aswell as other parts of the cars is a bit rediculous and far removed from the spirit of formula 1

50% of winning the world championship is suppose to be in the engineering of the car and the other 50% down to the drivers. by introducing standardized parts the fia is eliminating half of the sport

it is akin to the icc (international cricket council) saying that to save the costs of player salaries or watever teams will be forced to use a bowling machine instead of actual bowlers when playing cricket

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I can’t see a new rule about Ferrari having to win 50% of the races. Is it just an unwritten rule like the current one?

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To F1Yankee, Post 7.

First, LOL. :D

Now, if you had researched enough before submitting your eye opening thoughts, you would have known that Bernie is suggesting/propelling/acc epting changes in the F1 world for the 2009 season. He is the one who is the dictator of the F1 world. He messed up 2007-2008 and wants to continue his legacy. Unacceptable.

Last, LOL. :D

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I’m not sure, some of the ideas seam sensible, longer lasting engines and a lower red line go hand in hand and will reduce costs, as will lowering the cost to buy in engines for teams that aren’t capable of building their own (an incredibly expensive business anyway). I don’t think the ban on refueling is wise or safe though, heavier cars on cold tyres can’t be safe or good for the racing spectacle. The one thing I can’t quite understand is the ban on inhouse tuning throughout the season. Why shouldn’t a team be able to extract more horsepower via tweaking and fettling through a season? It would make a bigger difference between the factory team engines and the teams who buy engines in, and that has to be a good thing, variety being the spice of life and all that. Hopefully nothing too drastic is done in an attempt to chase viewing figures, this season has been fantastic despite some seriously questionable decisions. F1 should be the pinnacle of motorsport, neutering it for the bottom line cost isn’t going to help in the long run, that’s why A1 GP hasn’t got a page here. They’ve slowed the cars down enough since the early nineties, they can’t afford to slow them even more, what’s the point in F1 if there’s a faster competition out there?

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Seam and seem, a schoolboy error…

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the a1gp cars are 17 seconds a lap slower than F1 cars and has crap drivers like Karthikeyan

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no wings, only output limits for engines (700hp, 700lb.ft) no wings or area (think 60’s era cars, ald lotus)

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MR t3d, that’s called Formula Ford.

And try driving a 700hp anything without aero/wings. You won’t be driving for long, even in a straight line.

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I’m thinking that all these standardised kit and stuff are only for the time being. Until we tide over this financial thing. After that, the restrictions will be lift and we’ll be back to the good stuff again.

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To F1 Yankee, you sound like american, so you must have no idea how the F1 world works. Its like a dicatorship, like Suddam Hussein and Iraq but Bernie is Hussein and F1 is Iraq. He is almost in complete control, what he wants he almost certainly gets. He is the drive behind all these changes. So by most F1 fans he is solely responsible for ruining the sport in my opinion. He is turning it into NASCAR, but instead of beind Non-athletic Sport Centered around rednecks, its Bernies World Spectator Racing come by for a pint and watch some blokes do some laps at ordinary speeds and see there old engines blow up because of my stupid rules.

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All these so called ‘directors’ of motorsport/f1 annoy me. They all seem to be singular minded. They get an idea into their head and push it until it is made a rule, not examining all of the alternatives, ergo, never finding the ‘best’ decision to make, they all need to be sacked.

The simple fact that the general viewer cant make any suggestions, aid in discussions is moronic. We live in a world where swapping information is easy, but on their site they dont have any contact details, no forum. What does Joe Bloggs have to do to get an idea heard? If we (the people on this forum) were running it, it would be far far better as there is a large and unlimited pool of people.

Medals is a stupid idea… hes trying to re-invent the wheel. If someone doesnt win, they may aswell not bother racing, therefore teams would start quitting, which is why BE has said that it wouldnt apply to teams, but the drivers will lose the will to get those points, whas in it for them? a pat on the back, a slight paycheck increase? They wont be able to ‘beat’ their rivals. The closing of the points was also stupid.

Points could be something like this… 20,12,8,6,4,3,2,1…. its all about the % difference between each of the places. Should 1 win be worth 2 second places ect. ATM 2 4th places are equal to 1 win, thats a bit silly tbh

Limiting the amount of money in the sport is probably a good thing, new teams need to be able to compete, atm, if you cant pump in 200+ million a year for 5+ years, your wasting your time.

The fuel change is 1 thats interesting. I remember when they added refuleing all those years ago, it spiced up the races a bit. Removing it would have a negative impact on the sport. Maybe its best to run a rule that checks the economy of the cars, something like a minimum mpg, but this would probably push up costs.

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I think they should nuke the rulebook and start again, quite frankly.

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I’m personaly happy that they’re reducing costs cause this should make things more equal between teams and offer some more exciting racing.Even though 8 engines per season per driver might mean that they ll try to preserve them rather then push to win.What I would suggest they make a system like in go-karting;you have qualifying on saturday and then on sunday you have one heat(a pre-final),witch determines the positions for the second heat,the final.This way you would have no pit stops,refueling and tyre changes being made in between.This way races will be won on the track and not in the pits.Concerning the medal thing,I think its stupid.Motorsport is about consistency;if you accidentaly win a race and then finish 10th its stupid.Maybe they should try acording points like in motogp:1-25 pts;2-20 points and so on to the 15th position.

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im not too fond of the motogp scorings… they work for the 250’s and 125’s (are these going to be shown now its over to the bbc?) but the big bikes tend to spread out and settle for positions, rather than push in the second half of each race… 25 and 20 isnt enough gap imo

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you don’t see them messing about with the rules of football do you?! just because ecclestone thinks that we need to inject ‘passion’ into the sport and make it more ‘exciting’ to appeal to more people. why! when 90 minutes of overpaid ballkicking is over and no one has scored they don’t say:

“right, this match was too boring, we need to standardise the players. and make the games fit into an ad break. if the players explode they are out but, when they’re slowing down they can store energy in batteries and let it out in the final minute as a short blast of energy, this can be used to disable other players or to gain speed”

They’re turnin f1 into a playstation game. Rules are there to immprove the flow of a race, we watch it because we like it, stop messing about with our sport!

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why not get rid of all rules? Anything goes you could have a 4 cylinder angine with 200 turbos so it produces 2000 hp or a 20 litre V16 its supposedly the pinnacle of motorsport so why are they making it slower?? but no more paddleshifts sequential gearsticks all the way and no traction conrol EVER

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I liked F1 because there were many unpredictable elements contributing to the outcome, now they’re taking out most of these elements to create a level playing field. If I wanted to watch a level playing field race I would go and watch the Fiat Uno cup! Shame on you F1 organizers. Instead of changing rules to lower the barriers to entry and allow more teams to compete you’re busy adding nonsense rules frustrating teams and spectators. What is going to come next in 2010, only left turn circuits? Go back to the drawing board and come back with a number of rules that improves the sport not restricts it.

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I just dont get all this, basically the way its going you can get rid of the constructors championship. Whats the point in it if the cars all have to be the same.

Teams have to be able to put a car out that is the best they can produce, I agree with the standardized weights, Rev limits, tyres stuff like that but Teams should have the ability to change there car to be the best!

As for no Refueling this is simply the most stupid idea I have heard!

Look at 2008, you have the Massa incident! but then you have Timo Glock on the podium because he and his team opted to do a 1 stop, you have Kubica winning a race because other team gauged fuel wrong.

Not to mention the open/closed pit lane policy, during safety car, think of the times that cars had to come in because their fuel was too low.

Refueling is so paramount in the excitement factor, after qualifying you have to wonder, “Who has more fuel on board”

I cant stress enough, refueling is essential!

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Someone hire a load of prostitutes to go to Bernie’s house, get him sacked, then elect Jeremy as head of the FIA!!

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I may start aligning all of my stamps in my stamp collection book next Formula 1 season on race afternoons as it will be far more interesting!

Virtually eliminating pitstopes will mean a boring race with NO unpredictability, no trophies means a pointless podium ‘yes ok you have some extra virtual points now go back home on your peace bicycle’

And possibly changing the good engine to some solar powered rubbish will mean F1 soon will become like a patronising government advert on how we should be polar bear friendly.

Its ridiculous, a petition needs to be started.

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Formula1 shouldn’t see so many changes in rules. It’s like a brand new sport every year… The teams should be the ones comming up with something new… New designs, new technologies, new “heroes”, and not rules changing just to prove that the sport is somehow evolving. If they’re gonna change anything, maybe they should change to the Sprint+Normal race scheme, and more developing freedom to the cars. We want bigger engines, more top-end speed, more excitment… Stop trying to standardize everything.

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