2009 car reveal

Don’t know about you, but I always get a bit twitchy about new season F1 car launches. It’s the first proper sign of what we can expect from the year ahead. Yes, they’llll change quite dramatically between launch and race, but it’ll be interesting to see how they compare visually with less aero and slicks.

This year, Ferrari will be first to take the covers off, launching what will undoubtedly be called the F2009 at their Maranello HQ this coming Monday, January 12th.

Toyota’s up next on Jan 15th, but in order to convey their ‘commitment to overall cost reduction’, studio shots will be released via something called ‘the internet’ rather than a huge glitzy launch.

Similarly, Lewis Hamilton’s title-defending machine, the McLaren MP4-24, will be unveiled the very next day at the modest Technology Centre in Woking, in contrast to the massive hoo-ha they made last year at the awesome-looking Mercedes heritage museum in Stuttgart.

Then it’s Renault with the R29 and Williams’ FW31, both at Portimão, Portugal and both on Jan 19th. BMW launch the F1.09 on Jan 20th at Valencia – in Spain – and the Red Bull RB5 unveils on February 9th at Jerez, also in Spain.

The STR4 and Force India VJM02 have yet to receive official launch dates, but they probably won’t be too long away either.

So are you getting twitchy too? And which car do you reckon will be the looker this year? Any of them?

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