2009 Ferrari

So I’m pretty swamped around here with all of this Detroit motor show business, but I had to find a minute between bites of sandwich to talk briefly about the new Ferrari F60. And to watch this:

Firstly, it’s nice that they’ve come up with a proper name – to mark the Scuderia’s participation in all 60 F1 World Championships since 1950 – rather than just calling it F-whatever-year-it-happens-to-be.

You can see loads more info, and vid etc on Ferrari’s site.

Secondly, it generally looks pretty damn good. Much better than I’d feared. Love the sidepods especially, with the way they tighten in around the back, to give as smooth an airflow as possible. Someone’s already likened them to a Coke bottle. Which is a nice way of describing it.

The pointy nose is a bit odd although a nice change from the more rounded ones of previous years, but the wing mirrors are, erm, interesting.

That rear wing still looks frikkin huge too, especially in the photo of Felipe Massa giving it a quick whip around Mugello for a lap.

Felipe told BBC Sport: “I expected it to be big, but it’s small like a Formula Three car. The new F60 seems tiny, very compact and cute. I feel emotional but I’m also happy to take it out on track for the first time.”

So, how do you feel? Emotional maybe? Suprised? Horrified?

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