2009 McLaren

McLaren are currently leading the best looking car race, with this, the MP4-24. Although now I’ve arrived back from the launch, the official photos don’t really do it justice. But in the metal, that back end – around the exhaust exits – is stunning in its simplicity, and reminds me of an old Auto Union.

It’s interesting to note that they haven’t gone for any kind of aero around the front of the sidepods like Ferrari‘s ‘wingmirrors’ and Toyota‘s seemingly blatant pushing of the new rules.

The nose looks to be somewhere in between those other two – it’s not as pointy as the F60, nor is it as stunted as the TF109 – and the rear wing looks very tidy.

Ron Dennis said that they started with a blank piece of paper 18 months ago, and this is where they’ve ended up. They start testing proper on track with it tomorrow, and I got the feeling that they have a lot of work to do, especially in the KERS department.

Even though Lewis Hamilton has a cold, he still managed to look pretty chuffed with the new car, and said he’s looking forward to taking it out on track.

maccapicHe seemed especially happy that he now has more steering wheel mounted buttons to play with this season, to control the front wing and KERS.

I’ll bring you more inside scoop on the launch a bit later, but what do you think of the car?

If Ron is right and good looking cars are always fast, then this is going to be the car the others will be fighting on track this year.

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