The odd couple

Williams' 2009 carRenault and Williams have both unveiled their 2009 F1 cars in Portugal today, and – admittedly to our slight surprise – one of them is a proper looker.

Even more of a surprise is that it’s the Williams. The FW31 was shown off in an understated navy livery at the Portimao circuit, and we reckon it looks most excellent. Only problem is, it probably won’t when the F1 season gets underway in Australia at the end of March.

That’s because the FW31’s paintjob is described as ‘an interim livery’ – Williams says that the final colours won’t be revealed until next month. Which is a pity, because we can’t imagine they’re going to make it look any better.

You know how the testing cars always look coolest when they’re running unpainted, with all that bare carbon fibre? That’s what we want, and the FW31 isn’t too far off.

Renault's 2009 carThe Renault R29 got its official reveal in Portimao too, and its livery is exactly what you’d expect from a team run by a man as, erm, flamboyant as Flav Briatore. We do quite like those red endplates, which give the R29 a bit of a retro tinge. Maybe it’ll inspire Nelsinho to race a bit more like his dad this season.

No. We’re not going to start Nelson-bashing. Not today. For now, there’s just one campaign: get Williams to keep their F1 car in that super-cool understated livery. The petition starts here. Add your voice below.

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