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As I was just having a flick through the F1 teams’ press sites I thought I’d share with you some of the images they each have of the cars testing at various locations this week. The shots are good, and put the cars in context so it’s easier to understand what they look like.

Ferrari (above) are running in Mugello, although keep getting hindered by wet weather. Those exhaust pipes that you can clearly see here are also believed by many to contravene this year’s regulation changes as the rules state the pipes must be covered. This could just be set up for testing though, so who knows?

McLaren (right) are running in Portimao – where the weather has also been horrendous – and fitted a 2008-spec wing to increase down force as a precautionary measure yesterday. They didn’t run KERS either, but reported no mechanical or electronic problems. Lewis Hamilton debuted his number ‘1’ this morning, so I’ll get a photo up of that later.

Toyota (left) are also running in Portimao, and have revealed they might not run KERS at any time during the season, with team boss Tadashi Yamashina saying they’d be forgiven for not using it as ‘the KERS for F1 has nothing to do with hybrid cars on the street.’ Team President John Howett has said that if Toyota have a weak season this year then they ‘have no future.’ No pressure then boys.

Renault (right) had a tough time of it yesterday with the R29, and Nelson Piquet was forced to stop out on track due to some ‘unspecified’ problem. Fernando Alonso is out on track today.

Williams (below) are another team running in Portimao, and are also another team unsure of whether they’re going to run KERS, at least for the first race in Melbourne. For now at least, their focus is on getting everything else working first.

And as for BMW, you’ve already seen pictures of that in action, and they’re on their own in Valencia. Robert Kubica commented: “It was a good shakedown without a technical problem..”

So, are you getting excited yet about the season or what?

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seign should be design

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The ferrari F60 is the superb f1 car this year.I hope kimi or felipe will win the 2009 drivers champion n the constructor champion.

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Just a short arsed note from me (as usual).
New rule i,,, err i mean the FIA just made up!
MacLaren and Red Bull will have extra ballast added this year as their way too sexy, slim and bound to cost me lots of money this year.
Oh god i’m talking about the wrong subject again.
Sorry ignore this note.

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the ferrari is more good looking now but the mclaren its the best

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