F1 on the Beeb

The BBC’s F1 editor Mark Wilkin has written a rather lengthy blog over on their Sport site about all the new stuff we’ll see from the Beeb regarding practice/quailfying/main event coverage during a race weekend.

I thought I’d pick up on a few top line things in case you can’t spare an hour or so to read his whole post.

Firstly, the stuff available via the red button sounds pretty cool. It looks like you’ll be able to watch the race with inset onboard camera footage, plus you’ll be able to swap between them.

McLaren and Ferrari have finally agreed to have their radio traffic broadcast for the first time, so we’ll maybe get more insight into what’s going on with Lewis and Massa as they duke it out. Although I’d expect it still to be quite restricted by the respective teams, but at least James Allen won’t be talking over the top of it all.

You’ll be able to choose from the regular telly commentary or BBC Radio 5 Live, and they’re even working on a CBBC feed for younger viewers. Or people with hangovers.

The pre-race build-up looks to be the same basic format as ITV’s was – Brundle grid walk included – and post-race will see the team gathered around a big telly to discuss the race.

It would also appear that the teams have agreed to open up more, in order to ‘de-mystify’ the sport, but I think they say that every year before they close the door to cameras.

Thankfully the Beeb are keeping The Chain as the title music too. Which is a result.

So, new and improved over the ITV coverage, or the same but warmed up a bit?

Personally, merely not having adverts interrupting the coverage will probably be enough for me, so the other stuff’s a pleasant bonus.

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