Brawn again

Felipe Massa was quite jovial in yesterday’s mini-press conference in the Ferrari team’s mobile HQ, after the F1 test in Barcelona: “The Brawn? We could not catch them. We were quick until they turned up,” he said with a smile.

A Euro journo asked, but surely they’re running light? To which Felipe replied: “Everyone’s run light, yet still they are fastest. And what would the point be in coming here and running light, without ballast? They need the data.”

That there is the most important thing to Brawn right now, even more than quick, headline grabbing times to attract sponsors (which there’s no denying they hope and should do with this week’s results).

But working out how and why and where the car is quick is key, and happily Brawn have got more testing to do in Jerez next week to build on the past four day’s achievements. Achievements which included both Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button beating the track’s pole lap record.

Either way you look at it, Brawn couldn’t have hoped for more in their first test. It was only this time last week that they ran the BGP 001 in its first shakedown after all.

McLaren are another team who will be hoping to make vast improvements next week at Jerez – along with Renault and Brawn, they’re the only three teams with any more testing time left before Melbourne weekend starts on March 27th.

McLaren have been posting seemingly poor times all week at Catalunya, and even though team boss Martin Whitmarsh has admitted they’re not quick enough, it would be a surprise if they didn’t decide to hold back a bit this week and break out the quick stuff when Ferrari aren’t around in Jerez.

Saying that, their times are also raising question marks about Lewis Hamilton’s ability to develop a brand new car. Last year he worked on tweaking the MP4-23, that Alonso had done such a good job of making fast the previous year in MP4-22 guise, don’t forget.

That was refining, this year it’s hard graft development. Although if I was booed and whistled every time I parked up at my garage, that might serve to put me off of my game slightly too.

Anyway, we’ll see a clearer picture at the end of next week and besides, everyone knows you can’t really tell anything from test times.

Other than the Brawn is fast of course. If you’re quick, you can still get odds on Jenson winning in Melbourne at 8-1 and Rubens and 12-1. Now that’s got to be worth a tenner…

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Hamilton is a great driver. In the wet he was unstoppable over all the other drivers and was king in gp2. I think after a few races he will understand the car an it will come along leaps and bounds, I hope…

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I think 2009 will be the greatest ever season ever! The cars remind me of the 1999 f1 cars but these cars are even hoter.

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Jerez top times so far

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 1:19.055
Rubens Barrichello, Brawn BGP 001, 1:19.236
Timo Glock, Toyota, 1:19.814
Fernando Alonso, Renault R29, 1:19.819

Could be a nice mixed year.

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Let’s remember everyone that all the drivers have a massive amount of talent. If not, they wouldn’t have got to where they are. Some may think Hamilton comes across as arrogant, however most of the truly great drivers have complete belief in their ability and this can come across as arrogance. Just think back a few years to the ‘Schumacher era’. He was undeniably a superb driver, but had a reputation for arrogance, although when I have seen interviews away from the F1 soptlight, he came across as quite a nice guy. I think that drivers who truly believe that they are the best will always have an edge over those who think they are ‘in with a chance of winning’.

As a Brit, I generally support British drivers and teams and as a result I am really pleased with the promising test by the Brawn team, however I welcome any team that can mix it with the big boys as ultimately the racing gets better and the more winners we get the closer the teams are.

Here’s looking forward to a great ’09 season!

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More challengers trying to topple the McLaren/Ferrari supremacy… BMW, Renault, and now he have Brawn…
This should be fun. I’d be nice not to see silver or red cars on the podium for a while.
F1 needs a good 4-5 way battles…

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supportyourman…. the problem with lewis is, he has listened so much that his head just abou fits into his helmet…
Maybe its the fact im a true and true Schumi fan, a man that consistantly did fast laps, maximised the potential of every car… How?! By putting in the effort true the season and in testing… Not out trying to DJ in every club he sets foot in!!

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Well, as a supporter of all the British drivers (and none of the Ferrari drivers!) I have to say that if the test times and performance translate to sponsorship and race performance, then all the best to Team Brawn GP.

Haven’t McLaren always (almost always?) had problems before the season begins? Even if they do have problems, the jobs not over until the championship is won.

Here’s hoping for a good season with proper racing and no bloody decisions and race results being determined by the stewards/FIA/Ferarri/etc *after* the bloody race – like last year. And, we (Well, I) certainly want to see more of the Lewis style balls out racing – from all the Brits.

Bring back Jim Clark.

A thought, where I come from, “brawn” is a dish made from pig’s heads. Wonder what the team logo will be? ;-)


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preview of the front of the starting grid in Australia?…

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If i remember rightly, Jenson Button was number 1 british driver from around 2004 to 2006 (BAR Honda)- the years he did best. Then in 2007 Lewis Hamilton came in he he was the new british number 1 and he had a good car and button didn’t (Just Honda).

The reason for british ham being in a good car was that Alonso developed the 06 Mclaren car that wasn’t winning races into a good car. That good car british ham got to use. In 2008, british ham still had that car that alonso developed but made a few tweaks to it… BIG WOW HE DIDN’T CHANGE THE CAR COMPLETELY)

Also, alonso moved back to renault who’s car wasn’t that good either but by the end of the season he was winning races in it-thats because he developed it well, something british ham, just can’t do. Even when he was i karting he blamed his dad for the kart not being very good when he wasn’t winning.

And for those wondering how Hamilton did such a good lap in the reasonably priced car on top gear, they made that time up.

I am not a hamilton fan nor an alonso fan although i do admit that hammy is a good driver when in a good car and alonso can develop cars brilliantly.


I don’t mind whether a ferrari or brawn wins as long as british ham doesn’t win because some driver deliberately slowed down on the last bloody corner of the last bloody lap so he could win the championship


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There seems to be a lot of people out there with too much time on their hands. All this talk of hating Hamilton because he’s arrogant – how childish???? Before I make my comments I want you to know that I’m not interested in F1 – too boring! What I want to point out is that the majority of the world’s sportsmen who earn a hell of a lot of money in individual competition nearly all of them give an impression of arrogance. Why? Mind games mostly. There is also another reason – agents, managers and other backroom staff coach them to be able to answer a question without giving a proper answer – the most important thing for a sportsman these days to get right is KEEP YOUR SPONSORS HAPPY! There are very few top sportsmen who will give an honest, open unguarded answer or allow the rest of us to see the real them. All of you out there, chill out, get a life, and instead of slagging people off who are doing (an extremely well paid) job, enjoy your sport!

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whoever is gonna win the world championship will deserve it on the basis of most race wins. The WMSC has put the rules forward and the teams have just got to deal with it as simple as that!!For the first race I am sure as hell a tenner is in order for Button and Barrichello. I will be rooting for Jense coz the kid has shown enormous resilience in the face of adversity. He deserves at least a championship but given the new rules I dont think he can win that many races to be a contender this season given his team’s financial state. Nevertheless all my support goes the to the team from Brackley. GET INNNN!!!!

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how to make f1 cheaper and more fun to watch .
1 no quelifing

2 50 laps per team over the weekend
3 day before the race you draw a number out of a bag ie lotto style ,thats where they start on the grid ?
the smaller teams this yr are wasting there time and money

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Whatever about putting money on Button to win, I’ll put my money on Jenson doing really well and then suddenly you all hate him (what’s with that?)

Sand lover – good point, but why did you read down through 110 posts in a forum for a sport you don’t like? What was it you said about too much time on your hands? Also why do you love sand? I don’t see the attraction myself.

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