Most wins wins

The FIA has today announced a new points scoring system for the 2009 F1 system: effectively the driver with the most race wins will take the Drivers Championship title. It might sound sensible, but it does throw up some strange anomalies…

Why, for example, has being rewarded for consistently good driving been removed from the equation? Under the new rules, the driver with the most wins gets the WDC crown, yet the old points system will stay in place should two drivers end the season on an equal number of firsts.

But should driver A take four first places, and then stay in bed for the rest of the season, and no other driver get the same amount of firsts, then driver A could theoretically win from under his duvet. An extreme example, I know, but still plausible.

So even if driver B gets second place at every race – or 136 points under the old/current system – that counts for nothing. Under this new system, gung-ho driving seems to be rewarded, rather than consistently good driving.

Goes rather against F1’s claims to have the world’s best drivers, weekend after weekend, doesn’t it?

Of course, this could be good news for Brawn. If the ex-Honda team are as fast as they appear to be in pre-season testing, they could rack up some wins at the beginning of the season, before their pace drops off when they find themselves unable to afford to develop the car later in the year.

And my brother’s just pointed this out, which is something to think on:

‘I was just re-reading the thing the FIA released about the difference the medal system would have made if it had always been the case and one thing that’s interesting is that more championships would have been shorter (14) than would have been longer (8) which takes away something huge from the spectators. Admittedly there would have been more final race showdowns though. Well, one more…’

Surely Bernie is shooting himself in the foot here? And just think: if a driver somehow wins the first nine races, he could have the WDC title sewn up by Germany.

Just imagine: it could encourage Michael Schumacher back into F1. Wrap up the title by July, Big Schu, and then back to your massive house on Lake Geneva with another massive trophy.

All hail the new era of F1…

UPDATE: I’ve just had a look at the FIA’s press release again with regards how they’ll decide second place overall, and it says: ‘The rest of the standings, from second to last place, will be decided by the current points system. There is no provision to award medals for first, second or third place.’ Which means, potentially, the driver with the second most wins won’t necessarily finish the season as the second best driver, if he’s got less points overall. Which is just, well, odd is it not?

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