Most wins doesn’t win

Lewis HamiltonPoints? Medals? Both? Neither? What in the name of James Hunt is going on with F1’s scoring scheme?
The FIA has now scrapped the ‘most wins wins’ system announced just last Tuesday, following a backlash from the Formula One Teams’ Association.
On Friday, FOTA issued a statement questioning the validity of the changes to the scoring system, arguing that any such move must have their unanimous support. The FIA then offered to scrap the new system for this year, but Bernie Ecclestone insisted that the ‘winner takes all’ scheme will be introduced in 2010.
“It will be supported by the FIA and it will be in the regulations,” Bernie told BBC’s Radio 5 Live. “So when people enter the championship, that’s what the regulation will be.”
Bernie also gave a completely rational and in no way highly disingenuous account of why the new scheme will be an improvement. “It’s logic – you go to the athletics and you look at the 100 metres, you’re not looking at the guy that’s second, you’re looking at the winner,” he said. “In most sports, people are looking at winners.”
We’re not even going to begin to pick the holes in that argument – hell, you can do that in those lovely comment boxes below.
For now, though, we’re definitely back to the old points system for this year. At least, we probably are. Maybe. Hell, it’s not like we’re only a week away from the first race, is it?

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Further to the discussion going on above, Brands Hatch was one of the great F1 circuits and only it’s lack of space and facilities cost it it’s F1 Grand Prix. I saw Nigel Mansell win his first race there and have also done the racing school. Paddock Hill bend is one of the great corners in racing and driving around there was a supreme thrill! Viewing is also terrific, it being a natural bowl. I have no hesitation in saying that Brands is far better than Silverstone and I very much miss our bi-annual GP visits to Kent. Of all the classic GP circuits I only liked the old Oesterreichring better. Sadly that too has gone.

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ovcourse brands hatch is better than silverstone, hell even valencia and singapore are as good as crapy silverstone. When i say 3 bends, im obviously exagerating… theres… a right that sort of goes down a hill and then gets tighter, then a left, which doesnt end for half a year, then another right that goes on for a year, a quick left(not quick in speed terms) then the right for the start, so about 5 corners.
Personally i think spa, turkey, hockenheim were the best tracks. Brazil isnt bad either

Spa is a classic, 2 great fast bendy sections leading to 2 slow passing places. Turkey also has a great bendy section leading to the hairpin and 2 last corners of the track. Last year we watched many passes in these corners, probably the most of any track last year. The old Hockenheim was always my favorite, its a shame they destroyed it.

Its a shame Cadwell park isnt wider and a little flatter, but then again its probably too slow for F1 cars, more of a bike track

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@ Quazar
Im not really sure wot Cadwell Park is like but if u think of Donington Park thats always used for bike racing yet its becoming the British GP from 2010.
Also there are 2 configurations for Brands Hatch. Theres tyhe small indy circuit which is used for the BTCC and then they have the full GP circuit which is wot was used when the GP used to be there ages ago.

And back to the points system i think they should use the 12,8,6,5,4,3,2,1 system but like other people have said give them bonus points for getting pole or fastest lap etc. Or they could do wot they do in Nascar which gives the drivwer 5 points or something everylap they read. Obviously for formula 1 this would have to be reduce to about 1 point but it would make more people want to go for the lead and consequenty the win.

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Sweet :D

looks like all our complaining has worked.

Pround to be apart of it ;]

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Medals for wins? OK, so at the end of a season there’s a draw…. now what, how many second places? still a draw? hmmmm, lets go for third places then? Sounds rather like a points system under another name to me?

Proud it’s failed this time? Hang on – it’s still on the table for 2010 – maybe it’s really all about Bernie’s unsubtle hints for a gong? :-)

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Why can’t that little tw@t Bernie just crawl into a ditch and die somewhere! The past few years he’s just ruined F1, he doesn’t even know what does no more, just random crap, all he cares about is getting in a huge audiance and BIG money!!! He has no heart for Formula 1!

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