Jenson wins!

‘Phoenix from the flames’ is an overused phrase relating to Brawn GP, but it’s no less apt because of it. A Brawn one-two in Australia – who’d have predicted that only a month ago?

Check out highlights on the BBC site here.

Jenson drove a flawless race from the start, tearing away from the lights, managing two safety car stints – even losing time during his last pit stop couldn’t stop him being first across the line.

Rubens somewhat lucked into second after BMW’s Robert Kubica and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel managed to take each other out in the closing stages. Rubens had a shonky start too, and managed to knock his car about a fair bit throughout the race, but like the trooper he is he made the most of it.

Expect Virgin to be the title sponsor of Brawn GP by Malaysia next weekend.

Lewis Hamilton showed his true grit, hauling an underperforming McLaren to third spot – Toyota’s Jarno Trulli was penalised for retaking Hamilton under Safety Car conditions – from starting down in 18th, which was more than he could’ve hoped for. It’s a pity he didn’t get to climb onto the podium with the two Brawn drivers though, ‘cos that would have been cool.

The Ferraris of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa failed to finish again, as they did here in Melbourne last year, but I imagine both the Scuderia and McLaren will be working as hard as possible to get things right for the next outing.

But for now, it’s hard to think of anything other than the Brawn story. I don’t remember anything quite so amazing as this happening in F1 for a long time.

This story is becoming a fairy tale for Brawn GP, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near being over just yet. ‘Just unbelievable. It doesn’t get much better than that today,’ commented team boss Ross Brawn to the BBC.

Felipe Massa said yesterday that Brawn could have both the championships sewn up by the middle of the season – what do you think?

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Bruce, don’t forget Rubens last year in Silverstone in the pissing rain, it was a little lost with lewis fever, but it was his best drive (imo).

Marcus, did you hear Brawn telling Rubens to slow down – good advice for a virgin, no?

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lol @ “H”

Next topic (or returing to the topic)…people, enough about saying if Honda hadn’t sold the team the result would have been the same in Australia.

The car would have been running a Honda engine with KERS, different aero, and it would have been a much different car.

Taking this into consideration, in my opinion Honda almost certainly wouldn’t have scored a 1-2, let alone even a podium.

The Brawn is a different, better car than Honda would have shown up with.

Strangely, this should make the Honda people feel a lot better about their decision to sell.

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I very much doubt much work went into the car during the period after Honda pulled the plug. honda couldn’t even confirm if the team would be around to race this year. They only confirmed the funds to race a month before this GP & any development that has been done on the car would have been minimal & only to get the Merc engine to fit. The money Honda gave to BrawnGP was what it was legaly going to have to pay to make the staff redundant & it’s still going to cost Brawn a packet laying off 1/3 of their staff.

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I would love to see someone other then Ferrai win the COnstructors for a change – im sick of them getting all their own way all the time.
Brawn did absolutely brilliantly over the past few weeks and i would like to think that maybe McLaren didnt do so well due to them helping out Force India and Brawn seeing as they are both using McLaren engines.
Personnaly i think that both the Toyota and Brawn Drivers did well as did Hamilton.

It was a good day for the Brits!!

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Finally F1 can be considered a spectator sport. It has been dominated and boring for sometime. It’s about time we see some proper action. Great great great job Brawn and Jenson, Rubens is a bit rusty but hell get it back. I am optimistic that this year we may have an exciting season with some real competition. Though I think that the big dogs will develop their cars fast, I still see a great challenge. Front wings look good, rear look like crap.

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brilliant drive for Brawn and Jensen. I would love Brawn to win the championship just to stick it to the bigger teams.

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brawn are doing well and i hope they win the title

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