Lewis earns his stripes

A lot of people over the past few weeks have made comments on here along the lines of, ‘now that Lewis Hamilton has a rubbish car we’ll see that he’s not actually that good,’ yet his performance on Sunday put paid to that. Or at least it should have.

He dragged a dog of a car from 18th on the grid all the way up to third – yes, Jarno Trulli drove from 20th to third initially, but we know had a very quick, handy car – with a very determined and considered drive. But still people are saying he’s rubbish, and that he was just lucky.

Yet doesn’t luck always play a part in everyone’s races, to a certain extent? Look at Jenson – if Kubica hadn’t got taken out by Vettel, he’d have been all over Button before the end of the race (although I believe Jenson had enough in reserve to keep him there). But isn’t that luck?

They say the true mark of a great driver is to outperform the car, and Lewis certainly did that on the weekend, like Alonso did with his Renault last season.

Lewis also showed a great amount of respect for Button and Brawn too, which goes against the other accusations leveled at him that he’s spoilt and arrogant, saying this:

“I’ve got to say again how much respect and admiration I’ve got for Ross Brawn and all the men and women at Brawn GP.

“Jenson must have had a very worrying winter, and he certainly had a few tough years before that, so he really deserves this success. It must have been a brilliant feeling for him to be able to stand on the podium yesterday, waving to his team.

“I saw a photo of the podium on the internet this morning – he looked really, really happy. They’ve shown just what an incredible sport we have and just how unpredictable F1 can be – I just wish I could have been on the podium to share his celebrations on Sunday.”

So, in my eyes at least, Lewis has answered his critics. It’s also cool that he’s started swearing in interviews – ‘All I said was that for sure if someone did approach me, I wouldn’t tell them to ‘F’ off’ – maybe he’s about to find his rebel streak?

I’ll sit back now under my desk to await the anti-Lewis vitriol, although I am hoping to have a rather more intelligent dicussion about him than that. But I guess that’s up to you…

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