Lewis: disqualified

I’m so fed up with this post-race rule changing. It was confusing enough that Lewis Hamilton got promoted to third after the Oz GP finished, but now he’s been disqualified.

The disqualification centres around that Jarno Trulli overtake. Jarno went off the track while the safetly car was out, and Lewis passed him.

The confusion begins when Trulli then repassed Lewis – was he let through, or did he overtake? It would appear that McLaren told Lewis over the radio to let him pass, but then told stewards after the race that Trulli overtook.

So McLaren and Lewis have been disqualified for not telling the truth. It’s not hard to see how McLaren would get confused by what to do in that situation, but lying to the stewards isn’t going to do you any favours.

Well, exactly no favours in fact, as Lewis and his team now have no points.

What I don’t get, is how a decision could have been made last weekend without all the evidence, how Toyota could decide there was no point protesting, and then for the decision to be changed anyway.

And because of this, they’ve now undone the 30second penalty against Trulli and given him third place back.

I’m a massive F1 geek and I find it frustrating, so what my mates down the pub who aren’t that into it are going to think, I’ve no idea.

UPDATE 2: Now have a read of this transcript on Autosport of the radio chatter between Lewis and his team, or listen to it.

UPDATE 1: Have a read of what McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh has to say, via Autosport, then have a listen to this. It’s Toyota’s radio during the final Safety Car session.

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I agree with comment 254.

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Hamilton Disqualified? have the gon mad

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