Malaysian GP: fallout

As Jason Barlow said, the start time malarkey last weekend was bizzare, but Bernie’s told Autosport that he has no problems with it: “I don’t see anything wrong with the start time, we just didn’t know about the rain. If we had started at 2pm then it would have rained as well.”

But those in charge of the circuit are reviewing things, and although Bernard usually gets what Bernard wants, I would be surprised if it starts that late again next year.

Jason also mentioned Kimi’s casual attitude after the red flag, when all the other drivers left in the race were still sitting in their cars, but it appears Kimi wouldn’t have gone racing again anyway:

“After the flooded track, we had a potential problem on the insulation of the [Kinetic Energy Recover] System. So because of safety reasons we decided not to continue racing,” said Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali. Even if there had been a restart, Kimi would’ve been out of the race.

Ferrari are in a world of pain at the moment, and the weekend’s odd decisions – Massa not making it through the first part of quali, Kimi being sent out on wet tyres six minutes before the rain – are not helping.

Domenicali also admitted that they are struggling to get enough rear downforce, but has said they will definitely not have a double-deck rear diffuser on the car by China in two weeks’ time.

In fact the only good thing to come out of the Scuderia on Sunday was a quote from Massa’s race engineer, Rob Smedley. “Felipe baby, stay cool!” he pleaded as the Brazilian fretted about getting a white (clear) visor. Utter genius.

And talking of those controversial diffusers, Ross Brawn has said that he suggested some technical revisions to all the F1 teams, about a year ago, to close loopholes in the 2009 regulations:

“I offered them and they were rejected, so my conscience is very clear. And those rules that I put on the table would have stopped a lot of things. It would have stopped the diffuser, it would have stopped all those bargeboards around the front, and it would have cleaned the cars up,” he told reporters in Malaysia.

We have to wait until 14 April to see if those diffusers pass muster or not. Personally, I hope they do – and having read the rules, I think they will. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly the other teams get them on.

McLaren running one in China? I wouldn’t be surprised.

P.S: I completely forgot to talk about Glock being called Glockdog. If anyone knows why this is – is it a nickname? Is it something he calls himself? – then please let us know.

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