Today is the day that the FIA’s International Court of Appeal meets at its headquarters in Paris to work out whether the controversial double-deck diffusers are legal or not.

The teams at the sharp-end of the hooha are current Constructor title-leaders Brawn GP and second placed Toyota, along with Williams.

If you’re in any doubt about what the controversy is, Formula1.com have some great tech sketches up explaining it all.

Whichever way the court of appeal goes, it is sure to have a major impact on this season’s title fight.

If the diffusers are ruled legal, then all of the remaining teams will have a huge task on their hands in catching up.

They are sure to all be working on a similar solution to those three mentioned teams – BMW’s team boss Mario Theissen has admitted as such only this morning – but they’ll still struggle to get all-new bits on the cars before the fifth race of the season, in Spain on May 10th.

I know we’ve talked about this quite a bit already on here, but seeing as we’ll find out tomorrow afternoon what the real skinny is, I thought I’d kick off a bit of debate.

Personally, I think they’ll be declared legal – as the ambiguity of the rules is open to large interpretation – yet the FIA will close the loophole for 2010.

I also think the other teams who are saying that double-deck diffusers are not within the ‘spirit of the rules’ are actually just kicking themselves for not going down that road.

All of the teams have been outside the spirit of the rules at one time or other, that’s part of F1, pushing the boundaries, being clever where others aren’t. But then for all this you need to remember one thing – Ferrari have a single-deck diffuser. Cynical? Moi?

Where do you stand?

UPDATE: The diffusers have been declared legal by the Court of Appeal, so that’s catch-up time for everyone else who isn’t running one. How many teams do you think will have one on their cars come Friday practice this week? I’d say McLaren, BMW and Ferrari (even though they’ve previously said they won’t).

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Yay!!! They are Legal! And I also think Ferrari and McLaren HAVE MESSED UP THEIR CARS THIS SEASON! And I agree with post 129. If Ferrari had a double-decker diffuser then Brawn, Toyota and Williams would not have been under this pressure. Ferrari are losing their act.

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What a daft decision. The whole idea of the regulation was to reduce ground effect down force, and now we have loads of it. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!! F1 is run by famously stupid people.

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Genie, the reason why we ‘Bitch about Ferrari’ is not because we think that they are the only people whom are ruining the season, but because they cannot accept defeat gracefully (Although, as much as it pains me to say it, last year, Massa was graceful). They just do this every time that someone gets one over them.

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No it’s not a stupid decision. The rules are made and it’s up to the teams to interpret them to their best advantage. That’s why we have cars that look so different. That’s why it’s not a one make series.

Who now thinks Button has a seriously big chance of being world champ??? It could just happen. The Brawn is not quick just because of the diffuser. If the other teams think they can catch up by fitting a new one I reckon they’ll be in for a shock.

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I have just been watching the top gear episode where Jenson came in and he still hadn’t won a race in his F1 career. I had to laugh.

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Post 63- Jimmy- I hope that they make the track north and the car north too, then the cars would be able to hover around the track (although they would probably flip over every two seconds.

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Guys I must say I’m a Renault supporter and the quickest car on the track (When a diffuser is fitted) will be Redbull as they only about 0.2 to 0.3 tenths off Brawn.

But the Brawn car as it has a diffuser which works really well is one special car.

Still can be one interesting year

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Of course it is a stupid decision. I know it is not a one make series but the rules need to be interpreted sensibly. The purpose of the rule change was to reduce down force. This has not been achieved. Some teams asked if this design was legal and were told it was not.

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The diffusers meet the regulations.

It is not a daft decision, it is the only possible decision.

The STUPID people are the ones who wrote the regulations with a loop hole.

(& the teams who didn’t exploit the loop hole)

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So you agree the regulations had a loophole and the ones who wrote the regulations are stupid. So who wrote the regulations and are they to blame?

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Good point FarthestStar.

The FIA wrote the regulations.
The FIA’s International Court of Appeal(ICA) made the decision.

They are not the same people but they are part of the same organisation.

Technically your stupid people are the same as my stupid people!

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Fartheststar (137), the rule changes didn’t reduce downforce just for the sake of reducing downforce. Reducing downforce was just a biproduct. The rule changes were made to make passing easier. The rules changed so that a car following closely behind another would not lose a ton of performance because of the car ahead making a big hole in the air, resulting in less air acting on the wings of the following car, and making it very difficult to keep up and make a pass.

In other words, in past years, the car in front would have “clean” air to drive through, which means that it’s wings would be operating at peak efficiency. But the car following closely behind can’t corner as fast because it has less air flowing across its wings because the car in front is putting a big hole in the air behind it.

But again, diffusers work on a different principle. They can still be highly effective, even with less air to work with, because they utilize the venturi effect to produce a pressure differential (the diffuser creates a low pressure area underneath the car, and the ambient air above the car produces downforce because it’s at a higher pressure.) and diffusers produce a relatively much smaller low-pressure wake behind a car.

and LOL (125), nice come back. really. genius.

First of all, you speak of lies like you’re in grade school, like it’s the worst thing you can do. If you’re making Lewis Hamilton sums of money, you say what your employer tells you to say. And I hate to break it to you but businesses like McLaren don’t always tell the truth. I’m positive Ferrari hasn’t always been completely honest with the FIA at times as well. OMG SHOCKING!

And what McLaren did in Australia wasn’t even wrong, if you’re thinking in terms of the way courts work. The plaintiffs were the FIA and the stewards. McLaren was the defendant. McLaren had no obligation to self-incriminate itself. It was the job of the “prosecution” to make a case, not rely on McLaren to spell everything out for them. And when you think about the sums of money that are at stake, you can’t blame McLaren for trying to make the “prosecution” work as hard as possible. Stop living in a dream world.

Anyway, I still think McLaren is the best.

Secondly, thanks for pointing out that F1 cars go around in circles. I’m making an appointment with my eye doctor right now. All these years I’ve been watching the races thinking that there were corners, both left and right! I need a check-up, ASAP!

Go Brawn, go McLaren, and go away stupid people with weak arguments. I usually don’t resort to name-calling, but some people are just too annoying to bear.

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Calling other people stupid because they don’t share your point of view is not childish then? I STRONGLY advise you to book that appointment mate but not just with optician haha… The circles fact was pointed out to you since you mentioned soccer is a nonesense game so I went down to your level of reasoning. (seems it wasn’t enough) Next time I’ll explain that when a car leaves the starting line and finishes a lap crossing over the same line it would actually mean it went around a circle lol.

Oh so a lie from McLaren because there are loads of money at stake is not cheating? Hello? So what about Toyota that don’t have the results McLaren get every year? That point is a million times more worth to them. If McLIEren is the best they wouldn’t have had to resort to such tricks no matter what ‘genius’ style excuses you try to think of Mr.

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People still denying the fact that McLaren got caught and punished for what happened in ’07 can’t really tell others to stop dreaming can they?

You can say whatever you like but I’m sure a 100 Million dollar fine wasn’t issued on a doubt rather than facts.

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Worse things happened wzout punishment
FIA is a mess
Think even Ferrari will agree on that now

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Actually the FIA did the right thing (for once!) by declaring the diffusers as legal. Ferrari’s claims were only an attempt to slow things down till they have one of their own diffusers ready. (As usual)

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Blame the people who made the regulations on construction, every Act of Parliament, legal regulation, insurance or guarantee has sections where the words used in the text are defined very specifically. Since the 60’s every team has tried to take an advantage by looking for a loophole, why do they think that it is different now?

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How can Ferrari and McLaren being on Top be the natural order of things. If that were the case then why would any other team show up. The lessor teams are on Top now. It is good. The The top teams are down in the middle. Also good. The only in-consistant consistant team is BMW. Third place last year. Third place this year at the moment. Red Bull and BMW are going to take lots of podiums when they get their new diffusers installed. Lets hope Brawn get enough points at in the first 5 races so they can fight it to the end.

I notice Hamilton getting the fastest lap in the First warm up session. About time Jamie Hibbard did a Hamilton back on Top Blog. But Warm Up sessions mean squat. They all go through their programs. For example BMW. Always at the back during Friday sessions. Tend to qualify quite well on Saturday. Qualifying is the important one.

They have brought back the Stupid Soft tires. Only good for 6 laps they say. We might see some really short stints between pitstops. “Button pitted on lap 22 for some Super soft tires. Button in on lap 24 for the Harder tires” etc.

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I thought it was a drivers championship not a diffuser championship, pit stop championship, tuning from the pits championship etc,etc,etc. Lets just fill’em up with juice and run the full 200 miles/2 hours. we may see just who is the best DRIVER

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At least the diffuser controversy has stopped now. :)

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I think that Red Bull, with Adrian Newey have the potential to make the best double deck diffuser, and modify the car in order to take advantage of this extra downforce, and therefore make the cars do a much faster lap time. I think that the Red Bulls will be strongest at Spa, Interlagos, and other fas flowing tracks on the F1 calender.

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