Brit GP threat

The British Grand Prix is once again under threat, as the owners of the Donington circuit begin legal action against the company that has the lease on the venue for the next 150 years.

The owners, Wheatcroft & Son Limited, are seeking £2.47 million in rent from the leasers, Donington Ventures Leisure Ltd.

Bernie Ecclestone is close friends with Wheatcroft but says he knows nothing about the legal action, adding that there’s no chance of the race returning to Silverstone from 2010.

“If Donington can’t put on the British Grand Prix, then that’s it. We will be leaving Britain,” said Bernie.

“There is no question of us going back to Silverstone [pictured]. They have had enough chances and have not delivered what they promised.”

Bernie went on to say that the best way to save the race is to find an investor.

However, British Racing Drivers’ Club president Damon Hill told BBC Radio 5 Live that he has had discussions with Bernie about the race returning to Silverstone.

“We’re very keen on Formula One, and Silverstone has a long history with Formula One, so we’ve always tried to keep the door open,” said Hill.

So is this another of Bernie’s mind games, or is there a real threat that the Brit GP could get cancelled from next year?

Either way, let’s cross our fingers and hope there’s a resolution there somewhere, or we’ll be Grand Prix-free. And that just will not do.

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