Williams for the win

I’ve just seen the practice times for this weekend’s Spanish GP and declared to the office – or the two people within earshot anyway – that I’d love to see Williams win another GP.

Everyone was curious as to why.

I think it’s the ethos of the team to be honest. Rumour has it that Frank Williams is a bit of an awkward chap to work for, but that doesn’t bother me.

He’s created a team that doesn’t pander to egos – remember Mansell in ‘92? – and is entirely focused on simply getting the job done.

I like the way it’s still independent after all these years, and that it harks back to the days of F1 when marketing and PR didn’t play such an integral part.

Maybe that’s the key.

Williams’ success reminds me of when I first got into F1, when Nigel Mansell was an absolute hero of mine, when things were entirely black and white and there seemed to be an incredible honesty to the F1 circus.

Of course that’s all rose-tinted viewing, but it’s what I remember. Williams doing well again would bring a bit of that nostalgia back.

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