Bunking Brigade

How important is it that Ferrari stay in Formula 1? You’ll have seen in the papers that the Scuderia are talking a lot about leaving if the FIA’s proposed rules don’t change for 2010.

To keep pushing the point (‘No really, we’re leaving! We keep talking about it so it must be true…’) Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo today said that they’ve had lots of comments of support via their website.

He stated that if Ferrari were forced to leave F1, they’d go and race in other competitions.

“Racing is part of Ferrari’s DNA and this is something that will never change,” he said, likely thumping a Prancing Horse-embossed desk with an expensively manicured hand.

For my part, I still don’t believe they will leave, or are even seriously considering it.

They’re just making the point that the FIA needs them in F1, along with Renault and most of the other teams who have kicked up a fuss about the 2010 two-tier rules.

Apart from McLaren, who are staying strangely quiet.

There’s an interesting piece on Pitpass, where they wonder aloud if the FIA have something over Martin Whitmarsh’s team that’s keeping McLaren schtum on this.

The team were, after all, let off rather lightly over the lie-gate PR disaster.

Back to Ferrari, though: hypothetically, if they do leave F1, which race series would you want them to go to?

Le Mans is an obvious one as they’ve done it before, but what else? GP2? Touring cars? NASCAR?

Kimi would seem well suited to the latter at least, where he could eat as much ice cream as he wanted.

But as long as they keeping making ace roadcars, we’ll be happy.

Won’t we?

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