Monaco practice

It’s Monaco time, and the cars have been out on track today getting some practice in, as, unlike every other race of the year, they don’t do any running on Friday.

This is the race that every driver wants to win, so practice has been especially intense today on the tight and twisty street circuit.

Barrichello went fastest in first practice earlier today, and is also topping the sheet in the second session with twenty minutes to go. Button was down in eighth.

Both Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton are showing improved form, notching up second and third quickest times respectively in session one, and lying near the top of the field towards the end of this afternoon’s outing.

It’s always a treat watching Hamilton in Monaco, dancing his car over the kerbs, hanging the tail out wherever there’s space to do so.

Sadly I can’t watch the second session to the end (we’ll get someone else to do it, don’t worry), as I’ve got a plane to catch. To Monaco. Keep your eyes on here over the weekend for some Monaco inside scoop and scurrilous pit-lane gossip…

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ooorrr you can link us to the iplayer version (assuming practice is covered by the BBC like everything else worth watching…)

Problem I find this year is Hamilton and Massa always seem to do well in ‘first practice’, and then lose all pace come qualis. What the hell’s going wrong?

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whats the odds on a British 1-2 this weekend???

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yeah yeah rub it in why dontcha

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