Garage ninja 2

When I snuck into Red Bull’s garage earlier, they decided to practice their pitstops, so here’s a quick run through of what happened.

All the other teams had finished doing their practice by this point, but Red Bull had so many new bits to stick to the car that they didn’t do their run through until quite late in the day – about 7pm.

I got told off for taking pictures of their new double-deck rear diffuser, and had to delete the photos.

However, it does look pretty nuts and is a different interpretation to that of the other teams who are already running one.

They’ve managed to keep the pull-rod rear suspension – all the other teams use push-rod – and so the rear of the car is still mighty low, which keeps the centre of gravity is low as possible.

So with these practice stops, two guys push the car towards the box, let go of it, it rolls in, a mechanic who’s ‘driving’ hits the brakes, and then everyone does what you see them do on the telly.

They jack the car up, change tyres, connect the refuelling rig and so on. In some of the shots, you can just about see team manager Jonathan Wheatley running the practice, with a clip board and stop watch.

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