Monaco: random cars

I got here quite late last night and have already seen some cool cars, so I’ll keep adding to this blog over the weekend with more of the same if you’re at all interested?

I’m off to try and watch the GP2 race now but I’ll get on here as much as I can over the next couple of days to let you know what’s going on and what I’ve seen.

So far all I’ve seen is loads of incredibly good looking ladies, hanging on to very wealthy looking middle aged men. Judging by the latters’ appearance, I can only assume that Flavio Briatore is everyones’ hero.

Getting driven around Lowes hairpin in the taxi has been the best bit so far mind!

UPDATE: So I’ve gone from never seeing a Ferrari California to seeing three in one morning.

They look much better in the metal than in photos, and they sound really good.

I’m not sure why this guy hasn’t had his roof down though – surely Monaco is the ideal place to take your Ferrari top off?

Here’s some common cars – a Rolls and a Lambo. Yawn.

Oh, and a pint of beer at the hotel is €18. Yikes!

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so.. dose that make cars like normal people drive, in monaco, rare and there for more expensive than, what would be normal cars there?

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just had a monster hot dog track side for 2,50 much cheaper than anywhere else in france.

i saw a veyron as well, and a heavily modified white f430

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I am in Nice right now, going to the race tomorrow, and going into monaco again on thursday/friday, and i relli badly wanna c that veyron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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