Williams suspended

Williams confirmed on Monday that they had formally submitted their entry to the 2010 F1 World Championship, making them the only team yet to do so. And because of this, the Formula One Teams Association has today suspended them.

It’s only a temporary suspension though, while all this hooha over the FIA’s planned set of rules for next year and beyond get sorted out.

Williams have basically broken FOTA’s strike rules and crossed the picket line, to stand on their own next to the FIA.

Team principal Frank Williams said that while regrettable, FOTA’s decision is understandable, adding:

“As a racing team and a company whose only business is Formula One, with obligations to our partners and our employees, submitting our entry to next year’s Championship was unquestionable. In addition, we are legally obliged under our contract with FOM and the FIA to participate in the World Championship until the end of 2012.”

Williams’ move looks unlikely to break the strike in light of their FOTA exit, as all the other teams appear to be sticking fast to their demands – which they sent to Max Mosley on Friday in Monaco – that state the 2010 plans be scrapped and that they race under the current rules.

So that’s no budget cap.

Time is quickly running out for the teams, as there’s a deadline of this Friday for them to enter into next year’s championship.

2010 could look rather sparse with only one of the current teams on the grid no?

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*arrghh… I mean the only THING they can do…

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Well i think f1 should be capped,i love my f1,up all hours never miss a lap,got to be more relistic in f1 money no object wins all&thats not fair.They should club all teams2gether 2 devolop a engine4all 40million for the car each….sorted. jagx

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i agree with the general consensus – F1 should have a budget cap and anyone who wants to leave is welcome to do so

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I happen to think the cars do look OK apart from the gargantuan front wings. They’re all better than the Ferrari T4 from 1979, THAT was an ugly car…

Robby, you do realise that Brawn has a tiny budget compared to McLaren & Ferrari right? Having a large budget != winning, it’s how the team spends its money that’s key! The cap is a bit too low I think for the first year, when Ferrari have motorhomes that cost £40,000,000 EACH you know it’ll take some serious slimming to make it possible for them, which they will have to do to make their cars competitive.

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The wide frontwings combined with the small and high backwing makes them the worst and most stupid looking cars in history, to my opinion even worse than the 1979 Ferrari T4.

Btw The Brawn is a car designed with Honda money. The big teams wasted their time and money on KERS, the teams who aborted the KERS development (RBR and Toyota f.e.) came out good.

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I don’t know… 40m doesn’t sound like much if you own a Formula 1 team. I think even Red Bull went over that number for 2009’s season, and that’s without KERS… Besides, the FIA wants everyone to use KERS by next year, so maybe they should consider raising the bar to… 100m maybe? Or 120m?

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no martin no..

last years cars were cool. the aerodynamics etc big burly and quiet a head turner.

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I find it all very sad. Where is the sense of sportsmanship? Is it dead?

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no budget caps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!! :(

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