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All of the Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA) member teams – including Ferrari – have signed up to race in F1 next year, as long as a new Concorde Agreement is signed by everyone involved come June 12.

The Concorde Agreement was a contract between the teams, the FIA and the Formula One Administration, which dictated the terms by which they raced and how the money was split.

The previous contract ran out at the end of 2007, so they’ve been racing without one since.

All of the FOTA teams – excluding the temporarily suspended Williams – were threatening not to enter F1 next season, after rows flared between them and FIA boss Max Mosley.

The ruckus began over the FIA’s proposed budget cap, that would effectively have created a two-tier championship.

But Mosley agreed in Monaco that, in principle, he would delay a budget cap until 2011.

He is now thought to be considering a yearly incremental lowering of team budgets – something similar to what I speculated on the other week.

Interestingly, FOTA member teams have also stipulated that they will only race if they’re accepted by the FIA altogether ‘as a whole’, and that everyone races under the same technical regulations.

Combined with Prodrive’s application, it’s turning out to be a very good Friday for F1 fans.

Assuming you wanted them all to enter… ?

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the fia wouldent dare put a 40m bugdet cap because it would afectifly create a new moter sport does any bodie om hear agree with me becuse i want to what you have to say about it so plz reply to me.

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This will be remembered as a good year for F1 and the races are just in their early stages, Brawn’s sudden impact and wins, this commotion about rules and budget caps, the media coverage of Ferrari’s and others threat of a massive pull-out plus the announcement of a number of new entrants are generating more viewers to watch the race.

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Couldnt care less on whether Mclaren, Ferrari and Force India enters next year. And i may feel some small sorrow for Renault if they didnt enter next year, because of their cool colour scheme. Torro Rosso are pointless, why not just have Red Bull and make up spaces (im assuming they are the same team basically). I think Williams should get their act together now, starting with next year. Bring on the Prodrive i say! I would like to see a massive close contest between Brawn, Red Bull, Williams and Prodrive next year :D

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Top Gear should have moe f1 drivers on their show such as world champions kimi raikkonen and fernando alonso dont you agree

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Well, it was only a matter of time before this happened and the FIA will agree to what the teams have to propose in the contract and everyone will be racing and we shall all be happy …………………………………..!!!

But for the love of God, and this is for all the teams, if you get the approval to have the same technical regulations for everyone, please make the cars competitive and if you can’t perhaps you should all get a crash course on “how to make the bloody car fast” from Ross Brawn.

I don’t wanna watch races where the outcome is decided by lap 9.

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erky said…
i think it’s good for ferrari to be in f1 because that is where enzo ferrari started the company

Ermm, no he didn’t!! F1 started in 1950, Ferrari in 1929… Though I take your point about Ferrari having a history in F1, Ferrari rather pre-dates it.

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sorry I still dont understand why would a budget cap be bad? sorry surely its a good thing. fairer cars – more equal – more about the driver’s individual skill?

BUT still also about the cars and constructors because it would show how much they could do on a low budget ie how economical they are.

also why did Brawn originally praise the budget cap idea.

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mongubu, 1) F1 is the highest level of motorsport because its the most expensive, with the most technology. There are plenty of other motorsport divisions teams can enter if they can’t afford F1. If teams want to bankrupt themselves by spending more than they can afford, let them, it should be up to the teams to decide how they invest their money. Toyota is a good example of a team that outspends its competition and hasn’t got anywhere, so already success in F1 doesn’t just equal money spent.

2) The rule change is much too fast as has been pointed out. Major teams currently spend 10x the proposed budget cap, with significant amounts of that money locked up in multi-year technological research. With only 8 months before their budget shrinks to 1/10, these research programs will not be able to be completed, financially damaging the teams that have invested the most into F1.

Part of the reason F1 is so expensive is because the rules are so restrictive, and they keep changing on a yearly basis. Its the FIA that makes F1 expensive, not the teams. By the time you have designed a car that complies with all the regulations, you really can only develop around the edges. So teams have to spend hundreds of millions each year to redesign and eek out that last 0.5% of performance. Dramatically opening up the design rules would allow true innovation in F1, and keeping the same rules for more than one year would mean teams wouldn’t have to completely redesign the car each year to cater for Mosley’s mood at the time.

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aah the sweet sound of diplomacy, its good, because who would watch formula one if there was only three teams in it. seems Mosely and Ecclestone have seen sense like they did with that fuore over the engines last year.

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A lot of people would be shocked if there were 3 teams. They would be wondering who the 3rd team is, since most people seem to think there were only 2 teams.

Well until this year.

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ferrari are the best

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Its about time these children stopped squabbling, I am getting seriously bored with it. BTW didn’t Max Mosley resign after the ass whipping? I read somewhere that he was going to be replaced by Mohamed Bin Sulayem (UAE rally driver and featured on Clarksons Motorworld). He would do a much better job as he is richer than the FIA and is a proper petrolhead, so the politics and money grabbing should be reduced to a safer level

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