Toy’ shop

Toyota has launched a new section to its F1 shop that’s like an anti-car boot sale. And pretty much the only thing you can’t buy there is an actual car boot, although you can get a whole engine cover with underfloor and rear wing.

That latter piece (top) will set you back €5000, and for that you get a huge piece of carbon fibre that’s practically a full half of a car, that’s guaranteed to become the focal point of any living room. It’s huge!

Then there’s a rearwing with crasher (middle) for €2500, or a double plane frontwing for €800.

What I really want though is one of those awesome front wheels (bottom) at the bargain price of €200.

Yet, and I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but isn’t everything a bit, well, cheap for pieces of F1 history? For that money you could buy a Perodua Kalisa

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