Talking Turkey

We like the Turkish Grand Prix, mainly because of that massive, triple-apex Turn Eight. Watching drivers pin it through there from the onboard camera is an adrenalin rush just sitting on the sofa. Imagine how it feels when your brain’s being forced out of your right ear-hole by the G-force…

Even without Turn Eight, Turkey’s anti-clockwise track – one of only three this season, along with Abu Dhabi and Brazil – is testing enough on drivers for that reason alone: turning left.

“The G-force involved going round the corners of this track makes a driver’s head weigh around five times its normal weight,” says BBC Sport’s Sarah Holt.

“The drivers have revealed that one way of coping with the extreme pressures is to have a block wedged into the cockpit to rest their heads on when going through the left-handed corners.”

It’s a syndrome that Top Gear affectionately refers to as ‘Turkey Neck’.

Dealing the best with Turkey Neck during second practice today was McLaren’s Heikki Kovalainen, topping a practice time sheet at the end of the day for the first time this season.

Other improving performers were Renault’s Fernando Alonso in second spot, BMW’s Robert Kubica in third, and Kazuki Nakajima, who put his Williams fourth, ahead of teammate Nico Rosberg for the first time this year.

Rosberg did manage to top first practice, though, just ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who dragged his McLaren up to second place this morning but could do no better than 13th in the second session. He managed to squeeze a few spins/off-track excursions in too.

The Brawns of Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button were off the pace – eighth and 12th respectively – but they always seem to take longer to get on it than the other teams during a weekend.

So don’t be surprised if Button’s on pole come tomorrow afternoon. He’s getting good at pulling it out of the bag.

It’s nice to talk about something other than all that ‘which teams will be in F1 2010?’ hooha isn’t it?

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Nice to see someone different at the top, sick of Button. What are the odds of a huge crash at the first corner on Sunday?

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that would be cool

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It seems it is going to be greate. Drivers will not get distracted by some stupid spectators as there won’t be any.
If someone is clever enough to tell me why F1 gov’s are desperatly trying to ged rid of fans from tracks?

Apparently they will remove two camera angles to avoid showing empty grandstands.

I have one thing to say.

!!!!!!!!!!DROP TICKET PRICES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And one more:

It could be good idea to organise GP where people accually want to watch it

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Here we go again. British driver in British team doing rather well and we’re sick of it. I hope he wins all the remaining races this year to really annoy you.

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Brawn’s new front wing is to blame, they’ll put the old one back on and be fastest again.

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Formula 1 is predominatly British. Just walk down the paddock and start counting all of them from mechanics to team owners, you’d have a quicker time of it counting who isn’t British. So, it’s only a matter of time before the Union Jack is rolled out and “God Save the Queen” plays for the top step.

As a Ferrari supporter I’ve heard the belly aching during the Schumi/Ferrari era and like I’ve always said when you’re at the top of the mountain there is nowhere left to go but down. No one dominates forever, so I say let Brawn and Button have their day in the sun. At the very least it gives those certain British fans more time to scrub “LH” off their banners and flags and replace it with “JB”.

As for ticket prices, amen to that, it’s ridiculous but that’s Bernie for you. His sky high demands and astronomical price tag to even stage the event forces these guys to raise tickets as much as they can to get some return after being financially violated by the little hobbit. As for Max, he’s an idiot. He runs around saying no team is bigger than the sport but fails to realize that people tune in to watch the teams, not him. Without the teams he has no product, just a name. If he’s hellbent on driving the sport into the ground, then yes, the teams have a right to step in. As stated before, no one can afford to go to GP weekends for Formula 1 so their bread and butter is the television viewer and if FOTA break away and make their own series, picking up all the venues that greedy Bernie has chucked (or is going to chuck) to the wayside, like Silverstone, Magny-Cours, Canadian GP etc. etc., y’know, the tracks the fans loved and add to that the idea of watching the teams the fans love racing back on those tracks. F1 wouldn’t have much of a pot to piss in and FOTA would take the fans with them. So, Max and Bernie will just have to cry in their $5000 dollar handkerchiefs as Formula 1 is filled with amateur and has-been teams in some mock GP2 type race series.

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Don’t worry Button’s gonna win on the Saturday and Sunday like he did in Monaco

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I totally agree to van driver.
i m from istanbul, and i went to last two years race (i found free tickets for them)

If the prices were half they are, i would definately not miss the race..
at the moment a platinium ticket is almost my monthly salary..

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drop the tickets Bernie

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I think it is time for some much hated petition.

Maybe under ‘Top Gear’ umbrela we could reach hights of FIA FOM order and get our poin through without making it completly boring.
I would be up for hunger strike in FIA reception area if someone would get me to Paris (just don’t tell my wife).


P.S: Yes I am crypto-comunist.

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F1 is F1 and it should be expensive, Champions League tickets also are. Been to testing last few yrs, 10euroos action from 9to18 at Barca and Monza.
Shame they skipped testing. If F1 turns into GP2 next yr the ticketrates will drop..

F1 should protect venues like Montreal and Imola over Istanbul and China f.e. Been to Korea and didn´n meet one person how knew about F1, they just don´t care and that´s where they will race next yr (?). F1 should be global but one should not forget that the heart and soul of this sport is British, Italian, French and German.

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besides abu dhabi and interlagos, singapore is a anti-clockwise track as well

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12:48pm Saturday 6/6/9…..
Hamilton in 16th place after Q1. Says it all really..

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One thing is certain about Istanbul track.
It seems to be made (and in fact it is) for F1 cars.

Even in quali cars look so impressive. Flow of the corners is magnificent.
Well done for Seb, but JB shows his scrotum is made of steel yet again. Now lets just see what is a fuel load… DC hinted that Red Bull is running shorter again, so we might see those amazing laps fom Jenson again trying to leapfrog them again.
I will need prozac tomorrow.

@11 Rob. I never expect F1 tickets to be cheap, but they could be made affordable. Even in Monaco there were empty seats. People are voting with their feet.
I tink £50 to seet on the grass on Sunday woul not be cheap, but at least could allow people like me to get in.
Maybe then it would give me incentive to go for some merchandise and give money directly to teams.

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And one I can’t rasist:

Nelson in the gravel again.

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Shoot. I ment ‘resist’.

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Come on Button!!!!!What’s happenin man? But I suppose you can’t win it all…

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Just so you know turn 8 has four apexes not 3.

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What’s the fourth one?

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It doesn’t have a name – not that I know of at least – but watch the vids.

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Nearly everyone here stands corrected LOL

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