Turkey shootout

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel pulled it out of the bag during qualifying in Istanbul for the Turkish Grand Prix, and not surprisingly, he looked pretty chuffed about it.

However, with Ross Brawn’s comments that Button and Barrichello will be stopping around lap 17 – Button will surely get the most optimal stop at the time – and DC saying that the Red Bull would be pitting, ‘probably two or three laps shorter,’ the Brawns are looking well placed for another win tomorrow.

We’ll have to wait until the official weights are posted later on though to get a true picture of who’s sitting where, but we’re surely in for a great race. (I’ll be driving to Cornwall in a bit though, so when you see the weights, please post them in the comments.)

Mark Webber also threw down a good run for fourth, just ahead of Toyota’s Jarno Trulli.

Both Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa’s Ferraris are in sixth and seventh respectively, which puts Massa’s fourth win in a row at Istanbul in doubt – barring any massive calamities for everyone in front of him.

Renault’s Fernando Alonso lies in eighth, Williams Nico Rosberg is in ninth, and Robert Kubica – in an improving BMW – in tenth.

Lewis Hamilton continued his nightmarish season, not managing to get his McLaren into Q2. Defending his World title from 16th on the grid is practically impossible.

For a full rundown of the qualifying times, check out BBC Sport’s site.

Go on, call the win tomorrow. I just can’t rule out Button, so my money’s on him.

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Small straight, tight first corner….Nakajima in the middle of the pack….Everyone behind him will retire….Race will be red flagged. My prediction. Oh yeh, Button will win, Webber second, Vettel third and Barrichello forth.

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@ Podge 90

Sorry mate, in the Netherlands Hamilton isn’t a common subject in the tabloids. Did you know that Jan and Yolanthe split up ??

Hamilton won last year’s championship thanks to a crappy teammate. He needed a last corner miracle in the last race of the season to conquer a true racing legend like Felipe Massa (NOT!), who has been sharing wins with his team-mate all year.

If he really was THAT good, he would have been champion in August.

Since the Dutch have no contenders in F1, and no tabloids to be exposed again and again to extremely over-rated talents of any average driver, I can OBJECTIVELY say that Lewis really isn’t that great.

Furthermore, seeing him and his silver-arrow struggling at the back of the field performing legendary 16th. to 12th. comeback-races, my formula 1 TV-sessions allready became a lot more enjoyable.

Thank you very much.

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is it just me or has this just become really boring

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And it’s over, and guess who won? No surprises…

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*insert ‘brick wall’ simile here*

you kinda prove my subliminal point. i’m not gonna bother continuing talking to people who deny facts.

how yoo can criticise someone for not winning a championship earlier stumps me.

Anywho, proud of Button again.

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Congratulations to Jenson and Brawn GP who made an incredible race. But where are Lewis and Heikki? The MP4-24 appears to go around corners like an old Cadillac from the 80`s.

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@charlie 51:
Good call – did you put a few quid on it?

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Well done! :)

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Who exactly is in denial if a comment of someone who totally disagrees with you is being read as proof of any subliminal point??

If your subliminal point is that Hamilton is now losing races because of a terrible car, than you subliminalirally agree with me that last year he became champion because of his good car, isn’t it ?

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I don’t consciously perceive subliminalirally to be a word and I am not understanding you, yes?

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@ the frying dutchman : I am not understanding you, yes?

No offence, but I get that a lot. :)

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