Flawless Button

I said yesterday that I couldn’t rule Brawn GP’s Jenson Button out of winning the Turkish Grand Prix, and I was right! He made his sixth win from seven races look easy as he cruised to a 26 point advantage in the World Drivers’ Championship.

He took the lead away from pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel on the first lap, and dominated the rest of the race from there on in.

Vettel could only manage third, as his Red Bull teammate Mark Webber snuck into the second spot.

Button’s closest championship rival Rubens Barrichello had an awful race, eventually dropping out with 11 laps to go, due to gearbox troubles.

Button’s making a lot of hay while the sun shines, and is showing the kind of form which will win him the World title. There’s not a lot of time left for the others to catch him up.

Check the BBC Sport site for a full finishing list, and let us know what you thought of the race.

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he didn’t even look like he broke a sweat!! whereas vettel looked nakard. Hamilton is behaving a lot better than i thought he would with the situation with the car, as hes only ever won in F1.

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I’m happy for Jenson and most of all Brawn. I was always a ferrari guy but it is nice to see a small team winning for once.
Doesn’t this prove that it’s not just about money but about “the sum of it all”. Berny should have a good talk with Ross Brawn before introducing his budget plan. Limiting budgets might limit the expermenting and make us loose systems like KERS. Isn’t it also fun to see millions spend on a system being beaten by a better designed car with a good driver?

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It is commented frequently that during practice / qualifying the cars are closer this season than they have ever been. It was thought that last year was the closest, but this year it has been even more so. On Saturday morning there was 0.75 of a second between 1st and 16th. The problem is race pace and of course a combination of new regulations, the distraction of KERS, the two-tyre race requirement and limited testing means that there is a gulf between teams on race day.
Some say this is boring, others that it is great.

My view is that it is refreshing that the teams that initially got to grips with the new regime best were the smaller teams (Brawn, Red Bull, Williams and Force India{latter in pre-season testing}). We are now seeing Ferrari make improvements, albeit slowly, but McLaren and BMW have dog cars.

Enjoy this season because the big guns will be back next year, particularly if the budget cap is not enforced or is not severely limited for next year. I am sure that the big teams are already looking at next year’s cars and will come out of the blocks running.

So let’s enjoy the fact that previous champions are 9th, 10th & 11th in the current standings and there are fresh faces in the top spots.

Finally, there should be no bitching at Brawn. A great team principal, with a fantastic car and Jenson with the smoothest driving style on the grid means that there is a car that can get to the front of the grid and can take care of its tyres. Hats off to a genuinely brilliant team effort.

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This season is great, an Englishman with a BRILLIANT Team on the top of both tables!!!! The whole race weekend is excellent know most of all the middel table teams are now fighting, did does make a difference!!!!

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@69: True. Force India was just about 1.3 secs down from pole. Not so long ago they would have been worthy contenders for that. Now they’re still at the back, never mind all the trouble they’ve taken to get this far.

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In a sense the pecking order has not really changed.
Brawn is at the top with Newey. Only the names have changed.

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