Button: World Champ?

How soon could Jenson Button win the World Drivers’ Championship this year? It could be in as little as five races time…

Everyone’s asking the question today – it’s the talk of our office – so I contracted my brother in to do some maths (he’s much better with numbers), and this is what we came up with…

You’ll need to sit down though, ‘cos this gets a bit complicated.

It’s obviously hard to calculate as there are many variables involved with who might finish where, so let’s talk through a few likely scenarios.

First, we’ll discount Jenson’s teammate Rubens Barrichello. Not because he doesn’t have a chance, but because Ross Brawn surely won’t let him challenge Jenson now.

So you have to look at Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel to be the main title rival.

If Jenson won every race from here on in, and Vettel came second, then the former would have the Championship wrapped up after winning the 13th race of the year, the Italian Grand Prix. He’d be 44 points clear of Vettel with four races to go.

If Vettel won every race and Jenson came in second at all of them, then the title wouldn’t be Jenson’s until after Brazil, with only the new Abu Dhabi GP left.

Although saying that, if Vettel won every remaining race then Button needs only five 3rds, and seven 2nds to take the title.

That in itself must be pretty comforting to the Brit, if he’s even thinking about the title yet.

But probably the best thing to do at this stage is to look at average points hauls from the year so far.

If you normalise Malaysia – discounting that it was shortened and look at it being worth full points – then Button has taken 9.43 points per race, whereas Sebastian has only taken 4.14.

If they continue at that rate for the next five races, then the title is Jenson’s after the Belgian GP, 12 races into the season.

Even if you discount Vettel’s first two races of the year – where he finished out of the points in 13th and 15th places – and if you knock out his DNF at Monaco, assuming he’ll find consistency and continue on his average points scoring for the rest of the year, then Button will take the title after the Italian GP.

Exactly the same as if he wins everything and Vettel comes second.

And if you include Barrichello in the averages – averaging five points a race – then Button still wins the WDC after Belgium.

Yet if Button keeps winning and no single, consistent challenger steps up, then he’ll have it even sooner than that.

At this stage of the game, you’d be somewhat foolish to bet against Button being World Drivers’ Champion in 2009.

Amusingly, if Bernie Ecclestone had gotten his way and the gold medal system had replaced the normal points scoring, then Jenson would be World Champ in three more wins’ time.

Which could’ve meant the season would have been over before August!

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come on Fezza. they gotta lift the game like they usually do. winners this year, they are not. that’s not the script they write and then re-write them selves.

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damn, who wish they placed a sizeable bet on Jenson Button winning the championship when it was announced Honda were quitting……think of the odds!

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I don’t think Drood can complain about Hamilton walking into a top car and winning, what was he meant to do, turn it down and apply at Force India? It was Ron Dennis that asked him to drive for them, he obviously knew he had the talent to win races and very nearly won his first two championships.
Also he binned it at Monaco in a non-competitive car on the fastest lap on the track so far, to say he’s a nobody is utter tosh

Anyway, can’t wait for Silverstone and Hope Jenson gets that one. The crowds will be BIG

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So if Brawn can’t put the funds and the effort into next years car, will Button stay. I think they were saying on the Saturday qualifying programme that he is now hot property in F1. Should he take the win this year and then head to a top team for a long contract before calling it a day?

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I think Button is getting a big pay rise Bob 72 and I’d assume if Brawn wins the title they’ll hopefully get more sponsors so they can develop the car for 2010…

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yes, you are correct.

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I was actually going to put a tenner on Button being chamipon the day the Brawn was first tested. The odds were 1-100, I could have made £990, but couldn’t be bothered to get round to it. I feel like an idiot.

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First & foremost – Go Brawn, Go Jenson

On the on-going debate about all good drivers should have a good car, I believe many team principle see it as a mistake – look what happened to Macca 2007, I know an interesting year with 3 or 4 potential champions, but the so-called dream team got smoked in the end. Its nice to fans if eventually that would happened, but the real rule in F1 is that there is a dominant team/driver. Its what I have been seeing in the past 10 years. Also let us not compare the 1980’s-1990’s F1 as the technology & talent has sky rocketed since.

Button fan since 2000

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musicmanvin u have no idea…old fart u da man…. it doesnt matter bout the team within the team…old fart is right…the car is stil clearly focused and developed toward 1 driver….the number 1 driver in the team.i.e button.u hear every race his style just works with the car…y do u think!?

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Well, Jenson deserves one great season after the 150-odd races he was in with 1 win. Go back and watch his interview on Top Gear a while back – a true gentleman and a pleasure to watch, big grin, gave as good as he got! Lewis…well, he was a great winner, but now he’s not at the top of the heap he has a tendency to whine. It’s hard not to read some new story blaming his car or his team or whatever. Anyone remember Jenson blaming his car? Only thing I ever see of him is him praising his team, his boss…he’s so modest, you’re hard pressed to find that in a F1 driver, especially one who’s doing so well for himself. And when was the last time you saw Lewis smile as genuinely as Jenson in an interview? Genuinely nice guy, we need someone like him to be a champion in ten races. Look at Schumacher, what a grumpy old sod, I hated him when he was racing purely because he had all the charm of a wet fish.

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Button is not fastest racer, this is victory of Ross Brawn and his double diffusors

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Jenson Button is a good f1 driver but I think this years championship is unfair in a way. First of all I blame the FIA for messing up the rules. They said that the new changes would help the smaller teams to catch up with the other teams but were are they? Toro Roso are stil crashing and Force India are only good when someone else is having a bad race. And then Brawn GP have another advatage. The car construction started in the middle of the 2008 season so the have got way futher in making the car because they were able to test it.

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