It’s oil over for Lewis…

Mr Hamilton is on a bit of a PR offensive at the moment. Along with that Santander ad he’s also been sort of involved in this other spot of promotion, to do with one of his sponsors, Mobil 1:
It’s part of National Oil Check Week or something like that, so the artist used some actual engine oil to paint the picture with.

An oil painting. Boodum-tish!

He was also on Chris Moyles’ Radio 1 breakfast show this morning – which you can listen again to on the BBC iPlayer, Lewis is on at about 1hr 40mins – talking about the upcoming British Grand Prix, and being on Top Gear telly again this season – speculating that it’ll be in July

He mentions that he’s involved in some animated movie soon too, which we can only assume is Cars 2 – what do you think?

Plus, he drives a Merc CLK Black, like Jeremy’s. Maybe they’ll have a race…

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I heard him. He’s so sweet. As a huge fan it was great to hear him thank us for our unwavering support. And nice to hear Nicole will be at Silverstone. Can’t wait for the ‘Top Gear’ episode! Love ya Lewis!

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Still no news about next year so Lewis will be able to concentrate on his prime job as The Stig.

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I’m assuming he’d only be in the British distribution of Cars 2, like JC was in Cars 1 (he was Herv the agent).

It would appear then that companies feel last year’s Championship magic hasn’t been overshadowed with this year’s, er, well… It’s not over yet I suppose.

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Lewis RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!! It will be awesome if he was in cars 2

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