It’s oil over for Lewis…

Mr Hamilton is on a bit of a PR offensive at the moment. Along with that Santander ad he’s also been sort of involved in this other spot of promotion, to do with one of his sponsors, Mobil 1:
It’s part of National Oil Check Week or something like that, so the artist used some actual engine oil to paint the picture with.

An oil painting. Boodum-tish!

He was also on Chris Moyles’ Radio 1 breakfast show this morning – which you can listen again to on the BBC iPlayer, Lewis is on at about 1hr 40mins – talking about the upcoming British Grand Prix, and being on Top Gear telly again this season – speculating that it’ll be in July

He mentions that he’s involved in some animated movie soon too, which we can only assume is Cars 2 – what do you think?

Plus, he drives a Merc CLK Black, like Jeremy’s. Maybe they’ll have a race…

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