2010 F1 grid

lewis_monacoThe FIA has announced the 2010 F1 entry list… and McLaren, Brawn and Prodrive aren’t on it. Quite. Well, they are. Sort of. But not exactly.

Here’s how it works. Of the current teams, only Ferrari, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Willians and Force India have been granted entries, with new teams Campos, Manor and Team US F1 also included.

There’s no place yet for Brawn, McLaren, Renault, BMW and Toyota, who have all be told to lift the conditions on their entry by Friday June 19 or risk being left off the grid next year.

If they refuse to submit unconditional entries within a week – or at least come to an agreement with the FIA over next year’s regulations – that could make space for one of the other seven ‘new’ teams, which include Team Lotus, March, Lola… and Prodrive, the team run by Dave Richard which could become Aston Martin by 2011.

At this stage, that looks unlikely – it would seem that there’s plenty more negotiations to go on between FOTA and the FIA before the 2010 regulations are set in stone – and the FIA is not keen to have a grid of more than 26 cars.

So, assuming we’re limited to 13 teams, what’s the ideal outcome here, Sunday Afternoonerers? Of the teams yet to be granted an entry, would you ditch any of them to make way for Prodrive? Or March?

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