Heidfeld’s Helmdesigner

BMW’s Nick Heidfeld has launched a competition so that fans can design his helmet graphics for the forthcoming German GP.

Head on over to his official site to check out the details, or marvel at my two minute effort here and wonder how you could possibly do better.


“The purpose of this competition is to allow my fans to give free rein to their artistic talents in coming up with a suitable design for my outing at the Nurburgring,” explains Nick.

The prize is not only that the winner’s helmet get made up for Nick to wear during the German Grand Prix, but that the winner will also get to go over and present it to him, before Heidfeld starts first practice on the Friday, July 10.

The helmet will then be given to German channel RTL so that they can auction it off during a charity show – similar to that of Children in Need.

“I’m also keen that the competition should have a useful outcome and help a good cause,” says Nick. “That’s why we’ve offered this unique helmet for auction as part of the RTL ‘Spendenmarathon’. I’m obviously hopeful that the auction raises lots of funds for this worthwhile project on behalf of needy children.”

Go on, give it a punt. But don’t take any inspiration from that awful zip-up hoodie he’s wearing…

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