Le Mans here we come

Being a clever sort, you’ll have noticed that this isn’t a blog about Formula 1. It’s not even a blog about grand prix racing. It’s about endurance racing, and more importantly, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The big one.

As I type, 15 Top Gear staffers are packing the tents, about to head out the door to catch the magic train that will take us across the English Channel and into France for the weekend.

We’re travelling down in convoy in a KTM X-Bow and an Alpina D3 both in white, a dark grey Freelander, and a blue Focus RS – give us a honk if you see us!

Obviously the big duel on track is between the dieselly might of Audi and the young pretenders Peugeot in the LMP1 class, but – and you can guess where I’m about to go with this – we’ll be hoisting the Union Jack in support of Aston Martin.

Apart from the fact that we love an underdog – a British underdog at that – we’ve quite fallen for their cars, in that classic Gulf livery.

Vive la Revolution!

We’ll be updating Sunday Afternoon Club with some subversive Le Mans action over the weekend, so come back here to see what the TG Crew have been getting up to.

It’ll probably be a load of drunken nonsense and pictures of us sitting around at the campsite, but that’s endurance racing for you…

Go on, who’s your money on?

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