LM countdown begins

The TG Crew rolled up at Le Mans yesterday evening, set up camp and – as with tradition – got on the beer. It’s the obvious option…

We had the smoothest run down ever, and the KTM X-Bow got more attention than any other car on the road. It blew people’s minds! They got huge thumbs up from kids in local towns on BMXes to people driving down in Ferrari 599s.

The spirit of camaraderie from the Brit contingent is always strong – it’s estimated that 50,000 people drive down from the UK every year – and we managed to add an Aerial Atom and a Porsche GT3 to our convoy when they discovered that their Sat Nav didn’t work.

Today the weather is glorious, and we’re counting down the minutes until the thunder of cars begins at 3pm local time – so that’s 2pm in the UK if you want to watch it on Eurosport – and doesn’t let up for 24 hours. Obviously.

The crowds are all here, the teams are prepped, and now it’s just a matter of waiting… How the drivers cope, eating lunch and then having to kick about for a few hours, is beyond me. I can’t even manage to wait for a train without getting fidgety.

Aston Martin realise they have a huge hill to climb, but are feeling positive – as is the way with endurance racing, anything can happen. Who knows what trouble those quiet diesels, currently lining up on the grid in front of the Astons, can find themselves in during the early hours of tomorrow morning?

I’ll try and sneak some time in the Aston garage later on, so I can report back to you the team vibe. I might be a bit worse for wear by then though, so I apologise in advance…

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