LM: Getting to sunset…

There’s some drunken/sun casualties around Le Mans at this time of the evening, but luckily none of them are in our TG Crew. Fingers crossed it stays that way… The racing is tight and really full on at the front, with champions Audi and challengers Peugeot going at it hammer and nail.

Two of the Pugs had a nasty mishap at the first pitstop, when the number 7 Peugeot 908 ran into the Pescarolo customer car, that slumped them both down the order.

Currently though, Pug is leading one-two with the Sebastien Bourdais and Alex Wurz cars respectively, followed by Capello and Luhr’s Audis.

Anthony Davidson has his 008 Aston Martin LMP1 machine up to fifth, running just ahead of Jan Charouz’s 007.

They’ve both got a lot of work to do, but thoughts in the paddock are that they’re on for a tidy third. Yet with early Sunday morning rain predicted and many hours of racing left to run, who knows where they’ll be by 3pm tomorrow afternoon?

The TG Crew are enjoying the Brit underdog fight, and are generally holding up well, although we’re getting reports of some strange goings on, due to a ringside seat for a customer Audi crash in the pitlane. I’ll let you know as and when.

If you’re here and watching – or on your sofa and watching – let us know how you think it’s going. Are Aston in with a title shot? It would be nice, wouldn’t it?

The atmosphere here is awesome, but it feels a lot more reserved and less well attended than previous years. We’re still looking forward to when the sun goes down however, ‘cos you can’t beat watching those glowing brake discs as they hammer into the corners.

(Apologies for the dodgy photo, but that’s as good as I can do for now.)

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