Silverstone practice

Political wrangling aside, today’s practice sessions were pretty much as you’d expect, following on from the form of previous races.

Well, apart from the fact that Williams’ Nico Rosberg topped neither morning or afternoon sheet that is.

And that in the latter session, Force India’s Adrian Sutil got his newly fettled car up to third spot, which was pretty mighty and shows how hungry FI are to get some points here this weekend.

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel topped both sessions, beating teammate Mark Webber into the second places.

Brawn’s Jenson Button showed some good form in the morning landing him third, but struggled with set-up in the later session.

But then this seems to be the way with Brawn and Button, who always look like they’re off the pace on Fridays, but ramped it up for qualifying.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton showed some improved pace later on too, climbing up to eighth in front of his home crowd.

But again, I’m not going to bet against him for pole and the race, but those Red Bulls sure are looking rather feisty.

Don’t you think?

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i’m going 2 see it 2morrow and the day after

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^ I hope you enjoy it. Try to get back home for 20:00 on Sunday!

I actually want JB to win this race – or Hamilton – but after this weekend I think the Red Bulls should really try to spoil the party. It’s getting a little repetitive.

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Wait there’s a race going on? I tought that this weekend’s event was just about old men in suits bickering.

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brring brring…

Jamie, ‘political wrangling aside’? Your other blog is where the party’s at. Come on over.

bring beer.

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I agree with Mikeado – Jense to win at silverstone, but not for a couple of races after that. perhaps barrichello and/or webber – hes had a couple of 2nd places this season – he deserves a win, hes been in F1 a while w/out a win.

P.S. comment3 – haha lol very true

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Why would Barrichello deserve a win just because he hasn’t had any the last years?

In that respect one could say that, after all years without, DC really deserves a world-championship.

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actually DDTG Fan has a point. Barrichello had a cracking race last year from back marker to podium in awful conditions. A better preformance, but over shadowed, by lewis (in fairness he was the man of the moment).

Oh by the way, got any ice… and a mop.

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Ithink brawn will thier speed again and win

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Jesson Button has to win!!!!!!!!!

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let them have F1 New series Brands hatch/snetterton/silverst one.Fantastic

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Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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This brings me to an idea:…

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