Brit GP: Vettel on top

Sebastian Vettel crushed the hopes of Brit fans today by sticking his Red Bull on pole at the Brit GP, where Jenson Button could only manage sixth.

The Brawn of Rubens Barrichello went a lot better than Jenson’s though, getting him up to second spot. Rubens goes well at Silverstone – you’ll remember him dragging his dog of a Honda up to third last year in the wet – but that’ll be no comfort for Jenson who struggled with his BGP 001.

Vettel’s teammate Mark Webber finished in third, after looking all morning like he was going to get pole, ahead of Jarno Trulli’s Toyota and the Williams of Kazuki Nakajima (who had a great day, out-qualifying his teammate Nico Rosberg).

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton went out in the first round, just when it looked like he might be about to scrape through to Q2.

He’d just completed an out-lap and started a flying one, when Adrian Sutil had an almighty crash in his Force India, which caused the session to be red flagged, so Lewis didn’t get to complete his lap.

It was a stark contrast for Hamilton compared to last year’s imperious drive for the win in horribly wet conditions, and generally the McLarens and Ferraris are still out of the game.

For the minute it’s still Red Bull and Brawn scrapping at the front, and thanks to plenty of new upgrades for this weekend, the Red Bulls look to be very strong indeed.

It would be nice to have another Brit winner at home tomorrow after Lewis last year, but will the Red Bulls steal the show?

(For full results, check BBC Sport’s site.)

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Go Jenson Button!!!!!!!!!!

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IF Button could win this it will not be boaring Brawn doninance!!!!!

IF Vettel wins the challenge for the title is on.

IF Webber wins we will all cheer for him – good bloke, proper Aussie.

IF Rubens wins he will deserve it and do him a world of good towards exorcising his “I’m going to be number 2 again” nightmares – He’s easily the match of Button and many a top class F1 driver – if it weren’t for MS he would already be a world champion.

Can’t wait…………………………..

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Superb pole – Vettel with the heaviest car in the top 10! It’s a shame for Button but i’m so glad that it’s (probably) not going to be another Button-led 1-horse race (although we’d be stupid to rule him out for the win if he gets a good start).

I hope either Vettel (best all-round driver after Alonso imo) or Webber (underrated and the most gutsy driver) wins. Failing that, I think Barrichello deserves a win – he just never gives up and is super fast around Silverstone on a good day.

Also, excellant qualifying position for Nakajima..albeit in a light car but still brilliant – he’s looked fast in all Silverstone sessions. Let’s hope the racing takes our minds off the politics.

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What a day – Silverstone F1 followed by a new series of Top Gear this evening!! Get the beers in!!

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Something with the race weights buggers me.
if Rubens and Jenson have the same weight, they have to refill at about the same time.Which might cause trouble :(

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Go Vettel! Win a GP in the dry!

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I’m putting my money on Barrichello to win, Button for Second and Webber for third: with Vettel retiring.

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And Nakajima for fourth.

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good luck to Vettel i hope though that Ferrari can get a podium and some good points..

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@ G-Wiz F1 Team:

Any chance of cancelling that bet before the race ends ??

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Well done Vettel.

Fairwell Silverstone.

Donnington Park – Please please please get that track built in time. I want to see the F1 cars fly down Crainer curves and through the old hairpin, I want that steep infield to test nerves and breaks, I want Donnington to build enough toilets for everybody to go in comfort!!!!!!!

Not popular I know but for my money Silverstone is a great spectical in terms of cars going fast but the racing seems to be processional each year.

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Andrei, don’t be surprise. Top gear is well know not only in England, but in others contries too.

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