Brit GP: Vettel’s win

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel took the win at the British GP today, after driving away from the front and staying out there for the entire race.

Vettel’s teammate Mark Webber finished in second, with Brawn’s Rubens Barrichello third.

Jenson Button stuggled with grip today, only managing sixth and four points.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Renault’s Fernando Alonso provided the most entertainment, tussling for the relatively lowly 16th place – didn’t think we’d be thinking that was a good thing this time last year!

Other than that, the race was quite low on the excitement factor, although luckily I watched it all from the SniffPetrol HQ, and that provided a lot of entertainment.

Red Bull have certainly stepped up their game this weekend, and will be providing Ross Brawn’s crew with a lot to think about – which can only be a good thing for us lot!

But what did you think? And will the race be back at Silverstone next year, now that Bernie seems to have had a change of heart and is open to it if Donington doesn’t work out?

For a full result list, check BBC Sport’s site.

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at the race to day good race and good atmosfer but a bit of a buger that a brit dident win let hope buton wins in germany that make me fill better but vetle did drive good

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Button got a really bad start….. Well done to Red Bull Renault though, a 1-2 finish!

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I see a few ‘great race!’ comments here. I’m sorry that was no “great race”. Aside the opening round: boring. Just like Turkey & Monaco.

I’m believing more & more the J-P Montoya comment he said once: “F1 is not about racing, it’s about the car.”

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Last year was exiting. FIA should only have changed grooved to slicks and q3 on low fuel. In that case there would have been no mayhem like there is now.

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great performance from vettel, shame that the comeback from button was too late

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@R94N- Button got a good start actually but trulli kept blocking him and he lost places. If Trulli hadnt blocked him, he would have finished higher.

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Change of heart? No. Bernie if anything would most likely string Silverstone along to please the peasants (us fans) until Donington gets built then he’ll drop Silverstone like a hot potato and move the show to a track, I believe, he has a financial stake in. This way if FOTA do break away he would have Silverstone under his thumb and prevent the FOTA series from setting foot there, screwing up their plans. The very reason why he is in talks with the Mayor of Montreal to get a Canadian GP back.

Fans want Silverstone to stay. They want a Canadian GP. They want tracks with character. Hence the high average of attendance at these venues. Bernie couldn’t give a toss because some bland, soulless, Tilke circuit is being built in a bland, sterile and boring sand pit that has no problem paying the ludicrous entry fees Bernie asks for. Fans want a mixed and competitive series Bernie just wants to watch his bank account grow. A change of heart? Hardly, the hobbit is working over time to monopolize available and fan favorite circuits “just in case”.

Vettel raced the face off the Brawns. It’s also actually good to see Webber deliver on the years and years of praise and respect he’s been given since his point scoring Mindari drive. In a good machine he’s got some pace, although, I still don’t think he’s champion material.

A good, humble result for Ferrari. A shame Kimi couldn’t be right up there with his teammate.

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Fantastic race, was sat at Stowe, saw plenty of action, fantastic to see Vettel win. What a weekend!

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Oh, btw, if you ever get the chance to ride round the track on a push bike, do it. I did it on Sunday and it was an absolute blast, absolutely fanstastic, the most fun ever!

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Did anyone else see Glock’s glasses on the driver’s parade? He got them from a bunch of students at the golf club, what a legend

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I was really impressed with Felipe Massa, going from 11th to 4th thats a pretty good achievement :D

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Boring. boring, boring.

Tire rules: stupid.
Effin double diffuser ruling: stupid.
KERS: stupid.

It seems that last thing F1 needs is FIA and Max F’in Mosley. I seriously think it will be a refreshing break for the viewers and a well deserved lesson for the old goats at FIA once they lose 80% of their justification to exist in the first place.

Top governing body for motor racing without F1 (you can shove your trademark issues to you know where) would be barely worth 20% with it.

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Oh please, bring the FOTA F1 series without rules that try to blur the actual racing from the viewers.

And with rules that make the overtaking more easier, not more difficult.

I mean, what the f*** is the idea that you have to use both tire compounds whether it makes your car go faster or not?

And for f***’s sake why do the viewers have to try to figure out the current standings based on what tires have been used by the drivers so far?

And why did you supposedly reduce the downforce for this season to to make overtaking easier and then allow the against-the-spirit-of-the -rules double diffusers to be used, negating the effort?

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