Brit GP: the aftermath

It wasn’t the most exciting of races, and it certainly wasn’t the result that the majority of Brit fans were hoping for, but a big love-in occurred over the weekend with the Silverstone circuit.

And the most unlikely man who hugged it out with the circuit owners and the British Racing Drivers Club was Mr Bernard Ecclestone.

“We’ve got an agreement with Donington as everyone knows, and I hope they can complete, [but] if they can’t for sure we’ll be back to Silverstone,” he said. Which is quite some turnaround.

“There’s been a big change with the BRDC, and they’ve got all these commercial people involved, and these people are prepared to do all the things that we want, and for the reason we left in the first place.”

What’s changed, we just don’t know, but it doesn’t look too positive for Donington.

Bernie’s got a lot on his plate at the moment, what with everyone expecting him to sort out the ruck between the FIA and FOTA.

You can see what he thinks about this when the BBC Sport team caught up with Bernie over the weekend.

(And have you noticed how many more words Eddie Jordon uses than he actually needs? Maybe he gets paid by the syllable…)

But if you’re fed up with the rumbling politics, then take heart with two ace documentaries that BBC Four screened on Saturday night, Graham Hill: Driven and Jim Clark: The Quiet Champion.

There’s a lovely piece in the Hill one where he has a garden party round his house and all his fellow F1 drivers turn up.

Can you imagine that happening now?

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