We talk to Schumacher

Seems Michael Schumacher is busier than ever since his ‘retirement’ – between official Ferrari duties, parachute jumping and, er, the odd TV appearance – so we weren’t going to miss the chance to chat F1 with him.

Somewhere in between his FXX lap and interview with JC for last Sunday’s telly show, we sat him in front of TopGear.com’s own camera for his thoughts on this season.

In Schuey on F1, the seven-time world champ talks about his current advisory role at Ferrari F1, helping to develop the road cars, and mentoring Felipe Massa.

“[I] give our drivers some help but I’m certainly not a coach,” he says, but with the caveat that both Massa and Kimi Raikkonen are more than capable of knowing what to do in a race.

We also get the Schumacher view on this season’s rule changes, the proposed budget cap, and whether turning 40 has slowed him down at all. Seems not.

Schuey on Lewis talks about Hamilton’s form this season, and why he appears to have swapped places with Button at the front. Is it driver or car… or team?

There’s also a nice quote about when a new F1 car doesn’t come together properly after a great previous season: it makes the drivers ‘look like we’re all kind of idiots’ – and what that felt like for Schuey in 2005 with Ferrari.

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo gets a mention, too – is it true he broke a few TVs during the more difficult races in Schuey’s career? ‘Occasionally I have received some bills’, he said.

In the final clip – Schuey in the FXX – Michael tells us what it’s like breaking records on the TG test track, and how even an 800-odd bhp race-prepped Ferrari doesn’t give him an adrenalin rush.

He only gets that now from jumping out of planes now: “Yes, I have a licence for it,” he says.

Who knew?

UPDATE, June 24: these videos are now available outside the UK…

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