Well, are you?

Ferrari have just sent out a mailshot asking their website users to vote on whether the Formula One Teams Association has made the right decision to organise a new championship next year, as an alternate to F1.

The reason for the mail and it’s timing are obvious: the World Motor Sport Council convenes tomorrow at the FIA’s Paris headquarters.

They will discuss, among other things, what to do about the F1 teams that are planning to bunk off and start their own race series.

FOTA are trying to show the FIA that they have every intention of doing this, if their demands aren’t met for the 2010 season and beyond.

At the WMSC meeting, FOTA chairman – and, coincidentally, head of Ferrari – Luca di Montezemolo will come face-to-face with FIA president Max Mosley.

It’s expected that how these two conduct themselves will be a strong indication as to what will happen with the future of the sport.

If it’s confrontational, then a breakaway looks all the more inevitable.

Mosley sent a letter to the FIA today, telling them that he could see no other option but to stand for re-election again this year, despite him saying in 2008 that he wouldn’t.

This is what Max does. He sets the teams up around election time, they fall into his trap and kick off, he says he’s obviously the only man for the job when the teams are being so difficult, he gets back into office.

Personally, I still don’t believe there will be a breakaway series next season, or that Mosley won’t be president for another term, or that F1 won’t be at Silverstone.

But what do you think?

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Inevitably by the end of the season some agreement will be achieved between FOTA and FIA. There won’t be any breakaway series and Mosley will remain the president.

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this whole thing sucks and everyone should be fired.

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Jamie and Af are right, this happens every few years. It does look like old Max has dealt with things stupendously badly this time. Flav’s response to Max’s loony comments simple but brilliant: who is Max to chuck personal muck around after him being found out in his spanking dungeon last year?

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I still don’t believe there will be a breakaway series next season,

I think there will be!

or that Mosley won’t be president for another term,

No, no more F1

or that F1 won’t be at Silverstone.

No more F1

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I am also starting a premier world F1 series.
Hang on I will just cobble up a list of race circuits to delude the world press and the naive fans.
Dont make me laugh, there will not be a break away series.
The FIA has to form regulations that suit both the manufacturer teams with unlimited budgets and the small teams with very small budgets. The big teams have a huge monetary advantage that has grown in parallel with the success of F1 since Bernie and Max took over. Today the big manufacturers are spending money on F1 given to them through the government bail outs in their respective countries, this is unacceptable to the world public and must be cut back.
The FIA has a massively complex and serious job trying to sort these problems so as to keep F1 accepted as a world sporting activity in the face of the world financial collapse and the energy and environmental issues. In contrast the car manufacturers simply want to spend other peoples money to give them an unfair advantage and ignore the obvious problems.

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As long as Spa is on the calendar. Which it isn’t on the provisional FOTA list. Just do some racing please!

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Yey! Go Phil!

But yeh FOTA are probably right, but it won’t last. By July all will be dandy.

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im still not sure where i stand with all this. i mean sure, i think mosley is just playing games and being very up himself, but i dont know how successful a rival series would be. im still quite sceptical the teams will completely follow through with their claims, and i dont know how well a rival series to bernie’s massive f1 empire could be. i mean, it could end up being broadcast by itv, between the endless stream of bloody adverts.

im all for it, however, if the fota series includes laguna seca on its race calender!

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I despair of either outcome to be honest. If the major teams all break away in a sulk because the FIA took away their toys then their own race series will be fractious and impossible to manage. They’ve already shown that they can’t play nicely together so the FOTA would have to play judge and jury and that’ll leave little room for negotiation when it inevitably goes titsup over technical details.

If, however, the FIA buckle and allow the big hitters to dictate the terms then not only will it damage their credibility as a regulatory body, but it also means that this sort of dispute will be far more likely to happen again. Having a dictator in charge just breeds more little dictators who want a shot at the title for themselves – Bernie should be proud that his charges have learned by his example.

After thinking about I can’t help wondering if a budget limited but technologically experimental series would be far more exciting, because if the big teams get their way all we’re going to see is more of the same.. and currently that’s looking like whatever favours Ferrari. A1 has shown that a brilliantly simple recipe focused purely on driver skill can fall flat on its arse because of a lack of technological variety and a series of second rate circuits, so overcoming at least one of those flaws might be enough to make the difference.

Eithe rway I don’t think we have to worry about the forthcoming proceedings bringing the sport into disrepute – it did that for itself beyond question last season, and the MacLaren / Brawn fiascos of this year just hammered the last few nails in.

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Voted no btw

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The racing is very close this season, at least on lap times and I believe the other teams will close the gap still further now.
Kers is essential as an area of technical development that directly applies to road vehicles and the electric revolution which has yet to be fully accepted by the gas guzzler manufacturers.
If Brawn and red bull can win on restricted budgets then the Fota objections are simply sour grapes from the greedy wanting to spend tax payers money from bail outs. This will not be accepted by the world public and it is only the sensationalist world press and the naive fans that are letting it happen.
If Fota does break away F1 will be dead inside 12 Months.

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No breakaway please! They wont be able to manage themselves properly and it’ll just die forever

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Isn’t Mosley his fathers son,playing silly games, will end up like him too, heard the one about crying wolf,it may just come round and bite him. Oh wouldn’t that be grand.!!!

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I thought, Mosley were the reason, all negotiations flop.Now he threatens FOTA to stay in Office? Luca Di Montezemolo and Flavio Briatore,both hate him enough to make this a matter of pride. They will probably leave,IF he stays.If they break away, i ll head to the FOTA Races.
I have faith in Renaults Racing Management, they did Clio Cups for quiet some times now.And McLaren(Mercedes) and Ferrari are both experienced enough to add Support too.
I can see only two things happen

1.Moose-lay retires (Teams stay in FIA)
2.Mosley stays (Teams will form a new racing league, after the supposedly humongous lawsuit, the FIA will unleash)

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F1 is useless ..no real racing..i wanna see the breakaway championship..i wont ever even sniff at F1 again..mosley is a guy who likes to get spanked..how disgusting is that?..
besides..all the talks about lawsuits..its only gonna work if the F1 teams use copyrighted F1 stuff during the new championship..if they get a completely new brand..FIA and sick people like ecclestoned and mooselay can do nothin but put force india cars out next season..

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This is the first year where I’ve ever come across such a debate, but I’m sure it’s not the first time in the sport’s history. They will most likely compromise somehow and F1 will be roughly the same in 2010 as it is now. All the FIA need to do initially is raise the budget cap to a more reasonable number – it took some teams the £40m this year just to redesign their diffusers!

But the way I see it, both sides are criticisable. FOTA are being a little stubborn and their protesting is coming across as moaning, moaning that the FIA won’t listen to. But at the same time, the FIA is also being stubborn, staying put with what they want for next year and not compromising, plus they want to paint FOTA as bad guys that want to take over the sport, which just isn’t true.

One does not want to beat the system. One just wants it to work. Which, currently, it isn’t.

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btw I voted yes – the FIA are suffocating the sport.

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everybody, look!!!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/spo rt1/hi/motorsport/formula _one/8116756.stm

doesnt say much about whether there’ll be a two tier championship or a concorde agreement though

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at jacjack… AMAZING

i think it would be good to have a breakaway sereis because the they can choose how much or little to spend.

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I think it was part of the agreement to not break away by having Max leave. But they let Max pawn it off as if it was his idea to do so to save face.

Because if things kick off again the last thing FIA want is Max’s ego making things worse and prolonging any amicable solutions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if an unwritten agreement to not break away from F1 was that Max had to piss off.

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