FOTA update

More details are emerging about next year’s F1 rules and plans, following the Formula One Teams’ Association and the FIA’s love-in earlier this week.

Though F1 seems likely to be run next year on the current technical regulations, expect at least a couple of changes: KERS will be dropped, and there will be no refuelling.

These both need to pass a unanimous vote, but expect them to make it through.

FOTA – headed by Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo (pictured) – has yet to talk to the three confirmed new teams that will be lining up on the 2010 grid – USF1, Campos and Manor – but they will be contacted in the coming weeks to see if they want to join the group.

FOTA has said that it wants to help the new teams, easing their entry into F1 by providing technical know-how.

Renault boss Flavio Briatore will be working more closely with Bernie Ecclestone in the future, too, with a view to ‘improving the F1 show’.

What this means exactly is unclear, but the Flavmeister has always been keen to make the sport a better spectacle for fans, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

What would you like them to change?

The teams have also said that they want an independent FIA president – which would make the expected move of former Ferrari boss Jean Todt unlikely – yet Max Mosley has said they need someone strong with a good understanding of F1.

Which would make the expected move of Jean Todt more likely.

Either way, Mosley is in a huff that some members of FOTA described his rule of the FIA as dictatorial, and so the deal between the two won’t work if they don’t apologise.

So he might run for another term as president after all. Or not. Or, well, he might.

Anyone else getting a bit fed up with all this?

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So much for FOTA having the balls…

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Lack of refuelling ruins racing IMHO. Near the end of a race, you get (i) people having to drive for economy rather than challenge for position (ii) last-lap lucky-dips as drivers run out of fuel.

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If the teams had complete freedom then the cars would go beyond the limits of the drivers.

With ground-effect, fans, 4wd etc. cars could pull very high G-forces meaning drivers would have to wear G-suits to prevent blackouts.

Still, the Red Bull Air Race pilots manage to do it so maybe F1 should.

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no refuelling sounds great it should be more driver orientated now. no more strategic pit stops!

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This takes the micheal, if they cant fill up during the race evreyone is gonna be out at mile 23 or somert. I dont know how cakey mess can say it sounds great to me it sounds like a great waste of a sunday.
Cakey mess definatley has nothing to do in her life!!!

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man i hope the fl puts more cars and more team members in the race and they put more money on the development of the cars engines.

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