Lap Abu Dhabi’s new GP circuit

Interest in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has been high since last year’s announcement that it would appear on the 2009 calendar. Watch this video for an idea of what to expect:

It will be the final race of the year this season, taking over from party-central, the Brazilian GP, which will now be the penultimate event.

To give you a flavour of the circuit, the GP’s official site has developed a new game that lets you drive a car around the track.

Only, it’s the worst ‘driving’ game we’ve played online for a long time. We’re not even sure that you’re controlling the car in any way, and it takes about two and a half thousand years to load.

But as the track’s not built yet, this is the closest we’ll get to see how the circuit flows for now, and even on here, the run through the hotel looks pretty impressive.

Don’t get too excited, though – it won’t take the F1 drivers through the foyer.

Now that would be good.

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