The ’Ring: 60s style

The German Grand Prix this weekend is nothing like as terrifying a circuit as it used to be, when they ran it on the 14.2-mile Nürburgring, when men were real men:

Before the ’Ring became diluted by car manufacturers using it as a proving ground, it was the most challenging race circuit in the world.
The circuit was retired from F1 in 1976 after Niki Lauda’s horrific crash, and the new ‘Ring came back to F1 in 1984, hosting the European GP that year and the year after.

It was then a full nine years until it returned proper, and from this year onwards will host the German GP on alternating years with Hockenheim.

The Nordschleife circuit is still used today, regularly by car manufacturers battling to set fastest lap times for production cars.

But it’s also open to the public, as it was the 70s:

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