Helmet jinx

Let’s try and forget about all the FOTA/FIA/WTF squabbling for a few days and talk about what we’re actually here for: racing.

First practice got underway this morning for the German Grand Prix and that ‘bloody nice bloke mate’ Mark Webber went the fastest in his Red Bull.

His teammate Sebastian Vettel didn’t fare so well though, with some kind of mechanical fault stopping his car on-track mid-session.

In fact, none of the local drivers had a good time this morning, which helps prove my theory about one-off helmet designs – I reckon special, one-off lids are a big fat jinx on the drivers’ performance.

Jenson Button did pretty badly by his current standards at the British GP the other week with a different-colour head and this morning Sebastian Vettel, Nick Heidfeld and Timo Glock only managed eighth, 11th and 19th respectively with special designs.

Reckon my bash-hat superstition is right? Or can they overturn it this afternoon?

wurthAnd isn’t it cool to see Würth on the Toyota rear wing end plates? It actually makes Glock and Trulli’s cars look good for the first time ever.

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