Lewis who?

You remember that bloke Lewis Hamilton? He was world champion at some driving game once. Loads of people liked him. Pretty handy behind the wheel? Well, he went fastest in second practice this afternoon.

Fastest! It’s been a long time since anyone talked about Hamilton like that, but there he is, at the top of the sheet.

McLaren have worked hard over the past few weeks to get some updates onto Hamilton’s car – not all of which have made it onto his teammate Heikki Kovalainen’s – and they seem to be working.

Obviously his pace today doesn’t mean a damn if it doesn’t translate into on-track speed tomorrow, and Mercedes could be running light to make a good showing at its home GP.

But it’s still encouraging for the team, and Lewis is apparently ‘very happy’ with the car, according to McLaren engineering director Paddy Lowe.

We’ll see tomorrow. But it would be good to have Lewis up and fighting for some real points this weekend, wouldn’t it?

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