Aussie rules, at last…

He’s done it. After 35,000 years in Formula 1, Mark Webber has finally been able to ditch his Unluckiest Driver in F1 tag to win his first race, at the German GP.

Even a controversial drive-through penalty, meted out for a first corner collision with Rubens Barrichello, couldn’t hold him back from his dream.

Team-mate Sebastian Vettel finished second, with Massa steering home his Ferrari to an uncharacteristic (for this season at least) third.

The Brawns of Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello finished fifth and sixth respectively – and Rubens was furious after the race, appearing to believe that the team stitched him up to put Button ahead of him on-track.

Button hangs on to his world championship lead with 68 points (see the full table at BBC Sport’s F1 website), but Vettel and Webber have both pushed past Barrichello in the drivers’ standings.

Vettel is now 21 points behind Jenson, with team-mate Webber just 1.5 points further down the table and Barrichello a further 1.5 points behind.

And what about Lewis? It looked to be going so well at the Nurburgring in his upgraded McLaren, all the way up until the first corner.

After a mega aggressive, KERS-assisted start, Hamilton and Webber banged wheels, resulting in a punctured McLaren that circled the rest of the race at the back.

But the biggest disappointment came when Adrian Sutil – in ‘back markers’ Force India, don’t forget – exited the pits after running up in second place, and had a ‘racing incident’ with Kimi Raikkonen.

Sutil punctured, and dropped to the back of the grid after a nose change. It hurt more because it smacked of Monaco last year, when Kimi smashed Sutil off the track.

What do you think – someone’s fault or, as Kimi put it, a racing incident?

Either way, the day remains Webber’s, and I don’t think anyone’s disappointed for him – it’s Australia’s finest hour in F1 since the Minogue sisters were last on the grid…

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