Aussie rules, at last…

He’s done it. After 35,000 years in Formula 1, Mark Webber has finally been able to ditch his Unluckiest Driver in F1 tag to win his first race, at the German GP.

Even a controversial drive-through penalty, meted out for a first corner collision with Rubens Barrichello, couldn’t hold him back from his dream.

Team-mate Sebastian Vettel finished second, with Massa steering home his Ferrari to an uncharacteristic (for this season at least) third.

The Brawns of Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello finished fifth and sixth respectively – and Rubens was furious after the race, appearing to believe that the team stitched him up to put Button ahead of him on-track.

Button hangs on to his world championship lead with 68 points (see the full table at BBC Sport’s F1 website), but Vettel and Webber have both pushed past Barrichello in the drivers’ standings.

Vettel is now 21 points behind Jenson, with team-mate Webber just 1.5 points further down the table and Barrichello a further 1.5 points behind.

And what about Lewis? It looked to be going so well at the Nurburgring in his upgraded McLaren, all the way up until the first corner.

After a mega aggressive, KERS-assisted start, Hamilton and Webber banged wheels, resulting in a punctured McLaren that circled the rest of the race at the back.

But the biggest disappointment came when Adrian Sutil – in ‘back markers’ Force India, don’t forget – exited the pits after running up in second place, and had a ‘racing incident’ with Kimi Raikkonen.

Sutil punctured, and dropped to the back of the grid after a nose change. It hurt more because it smacked of Monaco last year, when Kimi smashed Sutil off the track.

What do you think – someone’s fault or, as Kimi put it, a racing incident?

Either way, the day remains Webber’s, and I don’t think anyone’s disappointed for him – it’s Australia’s finest hour in F1 since the Minogue sisters were last on the grid…

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Nice to see Webber winning, seems he has taken a driving course from a certain Mr Schumacher though!
Rubens needs to stop whinging, he made a rod for his own back following Schuie for years

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squaddiemodo, I don’t think it was Rubens’ choice or fault that he was no.2 at Ferrari – Ross Brawn constantly favoured Schumacer, fair enough really as he became the most successful driver of all time.

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hmmm I remember that a certain person from TG Aus said that Webber is not going to win a race… I wonder what he has to say about it. Excellent win for webber, especally becuause he took a drive through penalty becuase of a touch with barrichello, he was in a world of his own, one of hopefully many more race wins.

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Im not saying it is Rubens fault IMO he is a great driver, its just funny that with the same team boss the same thing is happening. Old habits die hard!

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yea. Maybe Ross doesn’t like Barichello…

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Just to my mind he looked very comfortable folowing the red car, and Jenson took him by drivig harder

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Kimi should be banned and stripped of his championship from 2007. Adrian should be given 8 points in compensation!

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Really tough luck for Sutil, that would most probably have been something like 3-5…

However, I would back Räikkönen’s view on this one – just a racing incident.

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Fair play to the man, he finally deserves a win.

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A well deserved win by Webber at last. You could see he was absolutely chuffed, his parents even shedding a tear for him. It made me feel all fuzzy and patriotic :)

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Congrats to Webber for his first GP win!

Also worth mentioning is Rosberg, who managed to bring his Williams home 4th, in front of both the Brawns! I heard on the Brazilian TV that both BMW and Mclaren are looking to get Rosberg onboard next year. Maybe that’s why Kovaleinen stepped up his game?

Alsonso again demonstrates his skills, by pulling out the fastest lap. He was flying in the last dozen laps.

Rubens got extra screwed by Ross Brawn today. First the mechanics messed up his pit stop, which lost him a couple of positions. Then they pulled Barichello in first, even though after he came out of the pits he was going faster than Button.

He deserves to be angry!

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good race!

gutted for some people tho lewis, rubens and adrain all derved better!

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How awesome was it to hear to absolute, pure unbridled joy from Webber when he had won it? Absolutely fantastic, the man drove like a legend.

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Mark Webber: he came good and as he said in post race interview “to those that have doubted me: Hallo!”. Good on yer lad. Most people don’t realize it but he’s one of the top blokes in F1, on and off the track!

On the Sutil-Raikkonen incident we need to see a better replay. By the rules it looks like Sutil had the track position rule on his side but Raikkonen will say that he was wheel-to-wheel level with him and that Sutil should’ve tightened his corner to avoid potentially barging them both out of the race. In all honesty though I think everything is pointing to Raikkonen leaving F1 end of this year. His body language and attitude this year shows that he’s frustrated with his 2nd difficult year and he certainly sounds like he believes that someone like him has a right to have the best car at all times. A bit like a spoilt child! Kimi can be, and is, brilliant but move your sulky self off the grid and give other more motivated drivers like Sutil a chance to move up the rungs.

Rubens is starting to behave like a grumpy old man! He’s always been a straight talker but certainly his conduct this season has been super unprofessional at times. After being given a race seat this year not on merit but purely because people believed in his ability and then to turn around and bite at them in such a manner is not good. I think he’s just about made it clear to Brawn that this is his last season. They’ve busted their balls to get a competitive car together and then Rubens blows his trumpet like that without first finding the truth about why things happened as they did? So, who will take his place at Brawn? Maybe Kimi? With Alonso to Ferrari? Who’ll take the open seat at Renault?

And Hamilton was back on form again and proved that although he is a champion he still is very young and prone to getting a little carried away with the moment! The first chance he gets to play in the top 5 what does he do? He actually believes he can run on the dirty side of the track and outbreak EVERYONE on the first corner, bump in track and all?!??! I surely look forward to seeing him race in the mid-field with an improved McLaren so he can learn a little more race craft and patience and emerge next year as a well rounded driver.

I am so glad to hear some common sense coming from the potential FIA president candidates. Move over Mosley, and give someone else a chance. Someone that is less concerned about their public image and appearances in the F1 paddock and does what a FIA president should do: spend equal time sorting out all the mess that’s happening in the different motorsport disciplines all over the world. Rallying desperately needs a new world wide structure and so do touring cars and sports cars. Sort F1 out and let it be. As Bernie is so keen to remind us whenever he gets a chance: F1 has been fine for 60 years. Why go and mess with it now?! FOTA, CVC and FOM will hang Max out to dry very shortly. And Bernie will also quietly be moved aside to being just another celebrity on the grid. These old boys just don’t realise that yet. Or Maybe Bernie does? He’s a wily old cat when he wants to be…

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great to see webber win, even the best efforts of the stewards couldn’t ruin things (fota: please, just give mosley etc whatever he wants in exchange for banning the stewards forever). poor sutil tho

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Sutil v Raikkonen – People were running wide coming out of the pits all day because they are on the inside going into a very tight corner with a curved braking zone and uneven surfacing. Kimi didn’t have to be that tight, and could’ve stayed just behind and ducked around to be on the outside of Sutil in the next corner or something.

I think if there’s any blame at all, it lies with the Red Fin. The Iceman has started melting round the edges this year.

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Well done Webber. I was shouting at the TV when Button came into the pits. I knew they should have put him on a 2 stop rather than a 3. 3 more seconds worth of fuel and he would have still come out infront of Raikonnen at the time, and I’m sure Button could have kept Vettel behind him for 9 laps when the gap was just over 4 seconds. He could have finished second, or third at worst. I guess this is the price you pay for team equality.

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here are the resúlts
Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Pts
1 14 Mark Webber RBR-Renault 60 1:36:43.310 1 10
2 15 Sebastian Vettel RBR-Renault 60 +9.2 secs 4 8
3 3 Felipe Massa Ferrari 60 +15.9 secs 8 6
4 16 Nico Rosberg Williams-Toyota 60 +21.0 secs 15 5
5 22 Jenson Button Brawn-Mercedes 60 +23.6 secs 3 4
6 23 Rubens Barrichello Brawn-Mercedes 60 +24.4 secs 2 3
7 7 Fernando Alonso Renault 60 +24.8 secs 12 2
8 2 Heikki Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes 60 +58.6 secs 6 1
9 10 Timo Glock Toyota 60 +61.4 secs 20
10 6 Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber 60 +61.9 secs 11
11 21 Giancarlo Fisichella Force India-Mercedes 60 +62.3 secs 18
12 17 Kazuki Nakajima Williams-Toyota 60 +62.8 secs 13
13 8 Nelsinho Piquet Renault 60 +68.3 secs 10
14 5 Robert Kubica BMW Sauber 60 +69.5 secs 16
15 20 Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes 60 +71.9 secs 7
16 12 Sebastien Buemi STR-Ferrari 60 +90.2 secs 17
17 9 Jarno Trulli Toyota 60 +90.9 secs 14
18 1 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 59 +1 Lap 5
Ret 4 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 34 +26 Laps 9
Ret 11 Sebastien Bourdais STR-Ferrari 18 Hydraulics 19

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bad luck for sutil great for webber!

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Cheers for Webber. Kimi should be ashamed and Rubens should stop crying. He was fast due to the 3stop in the beginning. Button is just faster in the middle of the race, call it talent.

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Well done Mark, but why do you never smile?
Think the incident with Rubens was… interesting, definately aggressive, deserved a drive-thru, did well to win, nice one.
Unlucky for Lewis to get that puncture on the first lap, would have probably finished 4th/5th if he hadn’t got it.

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Barrichello should stop wining so much and get his act together instead of just blaming the team to give the advantage to Button…

You’re in a TEAM, in other words you try to assist eachother. Button right now has the best shot at the title. IMO it’s now Barrichello’s job to make sure that they also get the constructors championship, and the only way to do that is by working together as a team.

They both got an equal chance at the start of the season, both cars where identical and Button showed that he was the number 1 of the team simply by being faster and more consisted then Rubens.

Giving a public interview right after the race without knowing all the facts and starting to blame the team, is MOST defintly not the way to progress… if I was a mechanic of Rubens then, after hearing that interview, I’d step right up to Ross and tell him that I don’t wanna work for that ungratefull son of a ***** anymore. Brawn GP and all it’s engineers have worked their asses of to give both Button as Rubens a race winning car out of the blue… and this is the thanks they get from him?

I can understand that he’s like to win races… but he should realise that by fighting against Button he’s killing the entire team from within.
Just look at the F1 history, Hakkinen-Couldhard; Shumacher-Massa… all championship winning duo’s, why? Because they work together… Then compare that to the Alonso-Hamilton combination, they fought against eachother instead of the rest and thus destroying both their championship’s and the constructor’s…

You have dissapionted me Rubens… for the most experienced driver on the grid, you’ve acted like the smallest child today :/

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It think Kimi should stop having Vodka right before the race, thats why Sutil and Webber have such bad luck with him.

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Great to see webber finally win a race, he’s deserved a few more in the past!

Barichello needs to shut his mouth, i’ve always liked him but he’s just being irrational.entertaining though!

i think lewis got a bit too excited off the line, he’s done that in the past.

gutted for sutil, raikkonen is my favorite driver, mainly cos he clearly doesn’t care, but i’m not entirely sure he was blameless for that incident.

today was a good result for button, you would think he would be more greatful for how this year is going considering the way his career has gone so far. i was quite enjoying seeing him do so well, but my opinion of him has changed slightly since he was a little bit of a nob with the fans at goodwood last week, me included. boo.

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Like I said, Rubens has all the right to be grumpy, especially after this race.

First, they botched his pit stop by bringing out the wrong fuel pump (!!!) which lost him track positions. Then, he was called in first for the pit stop in the last stint, even though he was ahead of Button and should have gone in second if Ross was treating them as equals.

I’m certain Button would not be doing this well if Rubens wasn’t on the team.

Sure, Button is the faster of the two, but he has almost no skill in setting up his car. Almost all his pole positions, especially his two ‘last minute miracle’ ones were achieved after having switched to Ruben’s setup late in Q3 (After doing terrible in all the FP’s, and Q1 and Q2).

Barrichello certainly isn’t as fast as Button, but I’d say he’s the better all around driver. He knows how to set up his car well, and can drive it sufficiently well also.

Plus, it must not be easy being on a British team which has a fast, rising-star British driver. Ask Alonso.

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