Aussie rules, at last…

He’s done it. After 35,000 years in Formula 1, Mark Webber has finally been able to ditch his Unluckiest Driver in F1 tag to win his first race, at the German GP.

Even a controversial drive-through penalty, meted out for a first corner collision with Rubens Barrichello, couldn’t hold him back from his dream.

Team-mate Sebastian Vettel finished second, with Massa steering home his Ferrari to an uncharacteristic (for this season at least) third.

The Brawns of Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello finished fifth and sixth respectively – and Rubens was furious after the race, appearing to believe that the team stitched him up to put Button ahead of him on-track.

Button hangs on to his world championship lead with 68 points (see the full table at BBC Sport’s F1 website), but Vettel and Webber have both pushed past Barrichello in the drivers’ standings.

Vettel is now 21 points behind Jenson, with team-mate Webber just 1.5 points further down the table and Barrichello a further 1.5 points behind.

And what about Lewis? It looked to be going so well at the Nurburgring in his upgraded McLaren, all the way up until the first corner.

After a mega aggressive, KERS-assisted start, Hamilton and Webber banged wheels, resulting in a punctured McLaren that circled the rest of the race at the back.

But the biggest disappointment came when Adrian Sutil – in ‘back markers’ Force India, don’t forget – exited the pits after running up in second place, and had a ‘racing incident’ with Kimi Raikkonen.

Sutil punctured, and dropped to the back of the grid after a nose change. It hurt more because it smacked of Monaco last year, when Kimi smashed Sutil off the track.

What do you think – someone’s fault or, as Kimi put it, a racing incident?

Either way, the day remains Webber’s, and I don’t think anyone’s disappointed for him – it’s Australia’s finest hour in F1 since the Minogue sisters were last on the grid…

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I see most of you biting Kimmie’s head off for causing Sutil a broken front wing. On my telly though, I was quite sure I saw Sutil going in just as trigger happy as Kimi, and Sutil should know that either he has to shut him out completely or not take such a duel at all with Raikonnen. When you do watch the replays, do notice that Sutil was breaking overly early for the turn and if he hadn’t, he would have been clear of Raikonnen. Not saying it’s Sutil’s fault alone, but don’t take his side only, guys.

Rubens, yeah, maybe he is overdue now, but he is still a good driver. In some way I can understand him tho. He’s always been the down prioritized one in the teams he’s been in, as far as I know at least, and I think he was promised fair game with Button at Brawn. So if he senses foul play on his behalf, at his age with what he has achieved, of course it’s frustating.

Webber, congratulations man, you’ve been wanting this for so long, and it is so well deserved. Win a lot more this season, will you?

Lewis could have caused a real stir if there hadn’t been contact between his rear tyre and Webbers front wing at the entrance to that first turn. When I saw that puncture I was swearing and cursing, mainly because stuff like that has been typical for Lewis recently, if he does good, he’s always punished somehow.

I’m glad for Massa mainly because his third place means Button and Barichello ended further down the grid. Less points for brawn equals a more exciting championship. Also grats to Rosberg, he did put in quite a performance.

Oh, before I forget. Nice to see Kova finish a race and even get a point for the effort. He has more potential than I think we’ve been seing from him, at least I hope so.

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Barracuda has a good point re team work and F1.
Enjoyed the race, glad webber one, happy ferrari and Massa made the podium, great schumi interview.
Was shocked hamilton wanted to retire so early, F1 is about racing, to win first you have to finish, it could of poured anytng could of happened as it usualy does turing the field up side down, great driver win and lose as a team, not just blame them, when they don’t have a good car.

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@Binho: how could they use the wrong fuel pump? They both use the same one… only it malfunctioned (something with the coupling) during Rubens pitstop, so they had to switch to the back up pump. Only the main pump has the exact right ammount of fuel in it, the reserve one doesn’t.

It was a mechanical error, not a human one… so there was nothing that the Brawn team could have done against it…

As for bringing Rubens in first, ever thought that he might have been fueled lighter then Button? In any case Button was FAR more quicker then Rubens at that time, but couldn’t get past cause Rubens kept blocking him (which he is entitled to), so bringing Rubens in first gave the oppertunity for Button to put in some flying laps (which he did) and secure a better place. If they brought in Button first then both his as Rubens race would have been trown in the water since Rubens wouldn’t have been able to put in those flying laps and Button would have just ended up being stuck behind him once again…

Rubens might be better at setting the car up, but Button can get more out of that set-up then Rubens… that’s why they are both part of a TEAM
Rubens isn’t able to push the car as hard as Button can, and F1 is still about who is the fastest driver…

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Oh and in all the commotion I completly forget to congratulate Webber on the win… outstanding race from him :)

Also who else would like to see Ari Vatanen as the new head of the FIA… since he’s a (retired) racing driver he should be a good candidate not? :)
I just hope that his English improves alot :p

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It’s a pity that the media is seemingly focusing more on the Barrichello outburst than Webber’s win – Mark made everyone else seen like learner drivers, it was if he’d been bottling up all his skill for this win. I hope he can keep it up. As for Rubens, his frustration has been publicly growing with each race – I guess he knows that this season could well be his last chance to leave a real mark and it’s slipping away from him. Feel sorry for Bourdais – his F1 ‘career’ has been a diasaster – he just never really adapted to the car/set-up and noone bats an eye-lash as he leaves. Oh well, will be interesting to see who replaces him.

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i really think that raikkonen,although he’s an excellent driver,is the most hated driver on the f1 grid. i just don’t like the guy at all!!!and i am one of the fanatic ferraristi. i really believe that ferrari, when employed raikkonen, made a huge mistake. and he really proved that this season!

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Congratulations Mark Webber, a class apart today.
This championship is far from over.

Sensational start from Lewis, shame he cut his trye on Webber’s wing.

Surprised by Rubens, Ross Brawn doesn’t often get the strategy wrong, his race was ruined by a fuel hose anyway and Webber was nearly a second a lap faster.

Annoyed Sutil didn’t score but I think it was more of a racing incident than Kimi’s fault.

Good to see Ari Vatanen throw his hat in the ring.

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I think Webber was paid back a lot of that horrid luck over the years. A comprehensive victory following a drive though penalty is mightily impressive. So thrilled for him that he finally got there.

And Christian Horner’s boys gave Ross Brawn a royal caning in the strategy department.

All the while Kimi Raikkonen on the other hand, continues to embarrass himself.

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finally, now from an Aussie, can Vettel be the number 1 driver for the rest of the year?
as for Ferrari, 3rd is not good enough.. its supposed to be the number 1 spot or nothing.
Kimi, unlucky. its getting hard to relate to him 2 seasons back.. he really needs to pick up the pace again, hopefully next season will be a good one for Ferrari. and Vettel, who can come to Ferrari… wishful thinking?

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Yes I am sure Vettel would want to leave a winning team to go to this years sub-standard team.

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Binho, I can understand what you are saying about Rubens, however the point you are missing is that it was a mechanical malfunction that cost him time in the pits not Brawn…and that once he was out of button’s way he managed to pull just over 7 tenths of a second out of him in 1 lap…if he is to be mad at anyone it should be himself for not pushing as hard as possible all the time.

Webber had a great race and finally managed to take it all in his stride and win, a well deserved winner.

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elated that webber finally has a race win and afterr watching that he and Vettel are serious contenders for Button. As for Barryquit whinging, and hamilton at little less aggression might go a long way.

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Chuffed to bits for Webber, really am. to get a drive-thru and go onto a win is pretty much unheard of nowadays.

on the contrary i felt like my heart had been ripped out at that first corner with hamilton. i personally don’t think it was his fault, webber was the guy behind and should have had his eye on that right rear, particularly as at that moment they were both travelling in straight lines. not saying he should be punished at all, just piece of mind that i don’t tink twas lewis’s fault.

pained me to hear the words of a demoralised champion when he suggested saving the engine and gearbox.

Vettel, and not for the first time, disappointed me with his inability to overtake a slower car. i was literally screaming at the teleh when he was behind massa. yeah he had KERS, but the red bull is so fundamentally solid he should’ve pushed massa harder. Hoping he can mount a challenge to Button though, i want an interesting season not a whitewash.

Just want to get Hungary out the way now; as poor a racetrack as monaco.

But without the glamour.

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Good tactics from team Red Bull from that penalty plus a few instances where Ferrari held up Brawn for a very long while surely made Webber’s win a lot more easier.

It was also good the weather didn’t change dramatically.

Overall good driving from Mark, really well deserved… just think if you’re in Rubens place how would you feel?, must be so hard for the guy to think about his circumstances – for his and the team’s standings… and tough luck on Sutil, but that’s racing.

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I feel all warm and fuzzy inside – Webber’s had so much bad luck, anf now FINALLY his driving talent shines through. Well done mate.

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once again thanks to mad max for his push-to-pass KERS button, which has now became the push-to-defend-and-make-t he-race-incredibly-boring -as-well-as-ruinning-ever yone-else’s-day KERS button…

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to post 36, who is the most prestigious formula one racing team ever, with the most history?
Red Bull? nah not a chance.

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Nice to see a chissel jawed back on top.

Was really surprised by the pace of hamilton compared to the others. If it were not the puncture he would have suerly had a solid result.

Some say that, it was a bit too immature, but thats racing. We’d not want a decent boring race. A race has to be exciting and thats what did it for the start. Hungararing next, swift tight corners, and a McLaren with a nutter onboard how good do you want it to be. I wish if Hamilton has a small p[roblem at the start ad then it rains and he starts passing people again during the race. now that’d be fun.

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Mates at top gear. A suggestion. Why not call up some of these guys from the F1 paddock and have a small race on your TG Track, in well “Reasonably priced cars head to head.” or even motor homes with all that banging. That’d be fun.

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to post 45, how about they bring back the 2008 cars and have a race on the top gear track.. :D
then they can crash them, tear them to pieces and so on and it shouldn’t really matter, perhaps like bumper cars come formula one…

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Well, I think we can see a Mclaren driver toping the podium soon. If Webber hadnt punctured that tire he would have at least had a podium if not the win he needs. Seems Hamilton got all Webber’s bad luck in that collusion, hopefully it wont stick now.

Webbers won, good, now lets move on and have mclaren doing well again.

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Huge well done to Webber, unluckly for Sutil and Hamilton though. Soon McLaren will be on the podium with Brawn and Red Bull and Ferrari could be closing in as well now. Bye Bourdais.

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Great results for Webber!!!! Everyone one in Australia is pumped…… (well at least the ones that know that there is more than 2 car companies in the world).

Good to see a win after the incident in qualifying at Silverstone. Webber has shown that hes right up there with the best and cant wait for Hungary :D

The second half of the series is going to be very exciting!

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Now hes won will Webber stop moaning and whinging about every little thing

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@showie. Being Prestigious does not win races. Red Bull is winning. Not everyone is a Ferrari Fan and I am sure Vettel is happy in the Red Bull Program.

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