Hungary for the win

When you’re an F1 driver in contract negotiations, there’s nothing like winning a race to raise your share price. As Mark Webber’s just found out: Red Bull have retained his services for 2010.

I’m not convinced he would have been a shoe-in for the seat had he not, finally, taken the chequered flag in Germany the other week for his first F1 win, but that’s not an issue any more.

The other good thing it will do for Red Bull, is that Webber is a great foil for his teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Webber keeps Vettel honest and pushes him, whereas a less experienced driver would allow the German to not constantly be on his game.

It’s going to be an interesting race in Hungary this weekend for the two Red Bull drivers, but the Brawns are threatening to come back strong.

They’ve got another aero update on the car this weekend, and the hot weather in Budapest will suit the Brawn cars a lot better.

They’ll get the tyres working properly, unlike what we’ve seen in the previous two outings.

So it’s likely to be another Brawn-Red Bull head-to-head, but the resurgent McLarens – and maybe even the Ferraris – will be up there in the mix, too.

Webber thinks this weekend and the following Euro GP – after F1’s three-week summer break – are the most important of the year.

So it’s sure to be a good ’un.

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Yay, for Budapest, everybody seems to get back on track for competition,i still hope, ferrari and McLaren catch up.

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it should be more like – Hungry for the win? huh :)

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Should be a good on, this. I was really glad for Mark, as he is my 2nd favourite driver after Lewis, who hopefully will put out a good performance after the annoying screw up at the ‘ring. The car seems better but I hope his confidence has bounced back

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im expecting to see one red bull one brawn and either a mclaren or a ferrari on the podium. its gonna be a great race

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Cummon Felipe Massa!

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Someone needs to explain this to Rubens! Talk about how to talk your way out of a job, his outbursts are letting him down, he was always a friendly little chap.

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why “maybe” ferrari, people often forget that they have been on the podium twice already and they are doing much better than mclaren. so i would put them higher than mclaren.

Vettel for the win at the hungboring.

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I think that the fight for the win at Hungary will be between Ferrari, Brawn GP, Red Bull Racing, and Williams.
I think this, because Red Bull have already proved that they can deal with hot weather conditions in Australia, and Kimi Raikkonen was good at Monaco, which is also quite hot.
Come on, Vettel!

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I say Brawn, RBR, Mclaren. In that order but it will be close. Mclaren is the most improved from the start of the season. Brawn is probably not going to take that last loss lightly. Plus Button seems to do well in Hungry.

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I don’t think Rubens is being a jerk. If you work on a team and a particular teamate/set of teamates lets you down a few times it’s just good business to call them out and let it be known that the type of crap work is not acceptable. Everyone is accountable and I hope Rubens gets a shot at podium this weekend.

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Paxx: Clearly you’ve NEVER worked in a situation like that. Raising a stink is the best way to get shown the door.

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I think that it is sad that Felipe Massa will not be racing his Ferrari tioday after he got a really quite a sizeable knock on the head from a piece of debris, however, he is fortunately in a very stable, and good conditionin the Formula 1 medical centre.

But, a few of the drivers lowere down the field can take a bit of self esteem from this, because they are now put up one p[lace on the grid.

Tioday, at the Hungaroring, at Budapest, I think that Sebastien Vettel, or Mark Webber, or possibly Mark Webber will take the chequered flag for Red Bull again, because Fernando Alonso, the Renault driver on pole, is fuelled up very lightly, and he will therefore have to pit quite early on in the race.

Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber will have a very good opponent behind them in the shape of Lewis Hamilton for McLaren, with his KERS System helping him off the line today.

However, I think that Lewis Hamilton will have the misfortune to come across the horrendously bvad luck that he got at the Nürbürgring at Germany, last race.

Additionally, I also think that if Jaime Alguesauri, who is currently racing for Scuderis Toro Rosso, will climb up a few places, and at the time of the chequered flag will probably finish the tight, twisty, and technical Hungaroring Cricuit in the top fifteen positions.

Furtheremore, I think that Adrian Sutil, for Force India should have been quite a bit higher up the pecking order yesterday, because he is really quite a talented racing driver behind the steering wheel of a ridiculously powerful Formula 1 car.

Today, I think that Red Bull Racing, with their Renault engines will become victorious after seventy punishing laps of racing at ridiculously high speeds around the Hungaroring.

Jenson Button, I think will, by the tinme the chequered flag comes out, will end up in the positions between five torwards seven.

Rubens Barrichello, I think by the end of the race, would have moved up to the highest ten finishers by the end of the race.

Sebastien Buemi, I think that by the time he has completed seventy punishing laps of the Hungaroring Circuit, will be in the top eight finishers.

Finally, I think that this is how the grid in the top ten Formula 1 racing drivers are going to finish the seventy pinishing laps of the tight, twisty, technical, high g-force, high downforce, and relatively slow racing track are going to end up as:

1. Sebastien Vettel
2. Mark Webber
3. Lewis Hamilton
4. Nico Rosberg
5. Fernando Alonso
6. Jenson Button
7. Kimi Raikkonen
8. Jenson Button
9. Sebastien Buemi
10. Rubens Barrichello

Finally, I would just like to send my condolonces to the surrounding family of Hanry Surtees, who was tragically killed in the Formula 2 Race at Brands Hatch in Kent just approximately 1 entire week ago.

And, to the Formula 1 racing drivers who are going to be racing tomomrow, I would just like to say this:

Come on Rec Bull! And good luck to you all!

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As u may have heard philip massa have invovled in a series accident

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His condition is stable but still life threatening.

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