Safety problem? What safety problem?

What threatens to be a career-ending injury for Felipe Massa has prompted the inevitable clamour from ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ and his ilk with regards to safety in F1.

Even the Beeb’s News At Ten probed the notion that Formula 1 will never be ‘one hundred percent safe’ as if this was a cause for action. Or even just ‘news’.

But what is ‘one hundred percent safe’? There were some interesting statistics published recently about the number of people in the UK who croak per annum pulling on their socks in the morning, hopping about until they headbutt the bookcase.

And apparently those are the lucky few that made it from the shower without braining themselves on the tap.

Nothing is safe.

Not getting up in the morning, putting on your pants, nor driving at 200mph in the slip stream of a car doing roughly the same.

Formula One is, in part at least, exciting because it is unsafe. And that in itself is a bit of an illusion these days, in that it’s got to be safer to shunt a 2009 Ferrari F60 into a tyre wall than a ten year old Citroen Saxo in a brick wall.

Formula 1 is preternaturally safe already, but will remain pregnable as Chance insists it must.

Massa is out of danger, and we all now hope this amiable and talented chap makes it back to his Ferrari sharpish.

God knows, he’s more at risk getting to the track each week than he is driving round it.

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